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Jun 9, 2016
United States
Hello folks, need some advice & help with a diagnosis. I have a HZJ73 and am currently travelling across the US. My transfer case has been leaking quite badly recently. I topped it up to full and put some manual T stop leak in 2 days ago, and started a drive today. Got 80 miles into the drive & the speedo needle started bouncing crazy up and down the dial. Then the cruiser started shuddering badly. I pulled over and found the Transfer case had ejected practically all the oil out the filler plug, drain plug, and even the gasket between the Transfer & transmission. Fyi, I'very checked the gearbox itself and the fluid level is normal. To me this would suggest extreme pressure in the transfer case alone, for some reason? We're currently camped out in mid Utah and wondering about our next move. I can refill the Transfer case and drive on, but funds are running low for mechanic bills so thinking of trying to work on this ourselves. Would you guys have any advice or guidance on what we might be facing? Thanks! Reece
I pulled over and found the Transfer case had ejected practically all the oil out the filler plug, drain plug

I really cant see how this would happen, there must be 10mm of thread in there.
Is there any chance it was over full before?
You know full means to the top of the filler hole don't you?
I would probably fill it up and drive slowly to the next town. But the shuddering is a worry,possible damage already done to bearings
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Thanks for your help guys. I decided to clean everything off & change the oil out for GL4, as I've heard that GL5 (as used previously) can be detrimental to the H55F gearbox. On cleaning everything off and filling up, it has become apparent that the seal has blown between Gear & Transfer case, as the new oil is practically p*ssing out of the seal, and I haven't even started the cruiser up yet! Strangely enough, the transfer oil level is going down as it leaks out, yet the gearbox remains the same. @roscoFJ73 I think you were right, the oil coming from the gasket was collecting on the drain & filler plugs and dripping off, rather than coming through them.

So, I am left with a difficult situation - Can't afford a transmission specialist, yet work on the transfer is going to be difficult while in a campground! Does anyone happen to know of anywhere around Utah or further afield I could drop the transfer out and re-seal? A sympathetic person's garage or driveway would do the job. Any suggestions appreciated!

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