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  1. Paulrotterdam

    H55f & 1HZ left hand drive vs right hand dr

    H55f & 1HZ left hand drive vs right hand drive Does anybody know if there are differences between a left hand drive compared to a right hand drive H55F transmission and transfer box? I'm in a right drive country with a left hand drive car and need a reconditioned gearbox... I've heard...
  2. OIO

    BJ42 Transmission/Transfer Case only weakly engaging. Help!

    Just bought my first 40 series. Canadian diesel BJ42 1980 3b diesel with 4 spd. The shippers were able to drive it on the truck well enough but when it arrived 3 days later, it can hardly pull itself. Symptoms. Transfer lever makes no difference regardless of position (previous owner said...
  3. N

    PZJ70 questions and tips

    Greetings, I’ve recently bought a PZJ70 from 1991. The ride home through Sweden was 1500 km and during two days I found a few issues with my purchase. During that trip me and my very supportive wife fell in love with the Land Cruiser PZJ70! We were looking at old Gelandewagens but changed our...
  4. AfricaPhil

    HZJ75 Transfer case 4x4 doesn't engage

    Good evening from Rwanda, I am living in Central Africa since a couple of years and bought a landcruiser HZJ75 troop carrier a couple of months back, 1HZ of course, 1996 model. The car has spent 300.000 Km on African roads and was fixed / maintained by local garages for her entire life...
  5. NetJunky

    For Sale  80 series part time transfer case

    I have a part time transfer case from my 80 series. came off a 5spd H150. Located in Pasadena, CA This is not a US transfer case converted. It's the real deal 2H, 4H, 4L transfer case. $650 and you pick up.
  6. HJZ73Beast

    HZJ73 Transfer Case Problem

    Hello folks, need some advice & help with a diagnosis. I have a HZJ73 and am currently travelling across the US. My transfer case has been leaking quite badly recently. I topped it up to full and put some manual T stop leak in 2 days ago, and started a drive today. Got 80 miles into the drive &...
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