fluid leak

  1. jonheld

    Brake fluid leak

    During a routine oil level check and replacement of my alarm beeper, I noticed the paint was bubbling and peeling away from the front of the brake booster below the where the master mounts. Is this a repair or replace?
  2. A

    Power steering fluid leak

    I went out tonight a noticed a puddle under the truck towards the drivers side. It looks like it is coming from the Control Valve Housing on the steering rack. I checked the power steering reservoir and it was empty. I had not noticed any difference in driving. Anyone rebuild just the...
  3. A

    PS Fluid Leak

    I have replaced the PS Pump twice in the last two years and the pressure hose twice, but can't seem to quash the stupid leak. It now cost me an alternator rebuild. I have searched and read threads that seem to mostly be about the PS pump rebuild. Any thoughts on other sources of leaks of PS...
  4. DirtScaresMe

    fluid leaking from front wheel

    Hopefully you guys can tell me how screwed I am. It's not grease (I think) because it decidedly "fluid"-ish. Winter's coming up here so I'd love to get this fixed before I *really* need my 4x4. FZJ-80. I'm assuming it's no good to drive on this, certainly not for distance or off road. ?
  5. HJZ73Beast

    HZJ73 Transfer Case Problem

    Hello folks, need some advice & help with a diagnosis. I have a HZJ73 and am currently travelling across the US. My transfer case has been leaking quite badly recently. I topped it up to full and put some manual T stop leak in 2 days ago, and started a drive today. Got 80 miles into the drive &...
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