1. HaydenFJ40

    Gearbox swap

    Hi there, I just purchased a 1977 fj40 from Indonesia with a 3 speed box. I have access to a 4speed box. anyone know it it’s a straight swap?
  2. Paulrotterdam

    Stuck in Malawi with a H55F 5th gear trouble.. ideas?

    I've bought a reconditioned H55f gearbox from a reputable vendor in South Africa and had it installed in the car yesterday here in Malawi by a skilled European mechanic based here. Normally I would return to the vendor, but going back to the vendor is a bit tricky (distance, visas and we're in a...
  3. Paulrotterdam

    H55f & 1HZ left hand drive vs right hand dr

    H55f & 1HZ left hand drive vs right hand drive Does anybody know if there are differences between a left hand drive compared to a right hand drive H55F transmission and transfer box? I'm in a right drive country with a left hand drive car and need a reconditioned gearbox... I've heard...
  4. U

    AutoGearbox A442 and A343 interchangeable

    Hi all! I m stuck in Zambia/Southern Africa with a transmission problem. While driving sudden loss of transmission like the truck was in neutral, regardless of shifter position. Had to get towed to the only gearbox workshop in the country twice. They've had the gearbox out and open three times...
  5. sunrk

    Same or different gear oil for manual box and transfer case ?

    That perennial question 8-) I currently run Caltex VMX-M in both the 5-spd manual box (with Nulon G-70) and part-time transfer case (with no additive) of my 80. Looking to try something else. I've had recommendations to firstly not use the same oil in both and secondly to go with Redline MT-90...
  6. Paulrotterdam

    HZJ75 rattle/whine in 3rd gear deceleration engine braking

    Yesterday I noticed a slight rattle/whine when I 'engine brake' in 3rd gear. None of the other gears give this sound when engine braking. On acceleration all gears sound fine. The sound stops when the clutch is disengaged during 3rd gear engine braking. Any ideas? Linkage, bearing, pinion?
  7. Aldog

    Are all 40 series transfer cases compatible?

    G'day. Recently I bought an 82 HJ47 Landcruiser, my second 40 series cruiser. The transfer case is rooted and now the outputs shaft flops around like nothing else and the only gear that goes in is 4L (they go in but they grind and do all sorts of s***. Also the case itslef is cracked.) I...
  8. K

    HJ 60 1985 gearbox, 3rd gear jams

    just seeking any info on whats causing a 5spd box to jam in 3rd. Its gradually getting worse and to leave 3rd gear requires backlash of drivetrain several times to pull it out to neutral. Its done 250,000km now. gearbox overhauled at 190,000 k for this same reason. new bearings installed, clutch...
  9. H

    For Sale  complete 12ht and h55f gearbox

    I am selling a complete 12ht engine including h55f gearbox. Engine is very clean and has no oil leakes. Engine is complete. (so it will come with alternator and starter, flywheel and clutch everthing you need to build it in your car) The engine is complete overhauled 75K km's ago, and runs like...
  10. SuperDuperCruizer

    FREE  Pickup Power Steering Gearbox Housing

    Used pickup power steering gearbox housing, free + shipping from 20912. I used the innards for a 40-series ps gearbox rebuild & didn't want to toss this out if someone could use it. There was some crud in the bottom (see pictures) but everything looked okay.
  11. arcteryx

    Vendor  40 Series Transmission/Transfer Case Combo with PTO gearbox

    Pics and details are here 40 Series, Transmission/Transfer Case Combo with PTO gearbox already installed
  12. Charles4x4

    4Runner PS Pump / Gearbox Leak?

    This is the final final issue I've found on my new-to-me 4runner. Looks a leak at the gearbox or pump. Think it is worth repairing given I plan to do a SAS or will it make it a few months with just adding fluid every few weeks/months? Thanks!
  13. H

    For Sale  1kzte 3.0 turbo diesel complete engine and gearbox

    For sale a complete 3.0L turbo diesel 1kzte engine from a KZJ90 series. Engine runs really good and has done only 130k Miles. It comes with alternator starter, 5 speed gearbox, ECU. Everything you need to make it run. It is a electronic regulated fuel pump. If desired I can make it mechanical...
  14. 876 Cruisers

    Gearbox for 3f

    I have a spare gearbox for a 1fz engine which is the H151f. My friend is looking to swap out his 4 speed gearbox which he has on a 3f engine. I was wondering if they were the same gearbox or similar and could work.
  15. Wile E Coyote

    62 power steering gearbox question

    I've been perusing the several write-ups on box rebuilds, but still have questions. I'm blaming my death-wobble on the 0.040" of backlash in my sector shaft (measured at the end of the pitman arm where the relay rod connects,) There is zero axial play in the sector shaft. Being hesitant to...
  16. mtn2roady

    For Sale  PTO gearbox

    have this PTO gearbox for sale. Needs to be cleaned up but functioned perfectly before removed and engages well. 200 plus the ride.
  17. joekatana

    For Sale  PTO Gearbox for split case

    SOLD I have a pto gearbox with lever that I took out of a 70 series,it should bolt on to any 40/60/70 with a H42 or H55 with a split case but if not used in a 70 series you will need to modify the shifter I think. Gathering dust in the shop so the first 200$ takes it home. Free delivery to...
  18. Picz34

    Power steering gearbox identification

    I got this gearbox as a throw in when I bought my FJ40. The previous owner bought it to install on the 40 but never got around to it. Can anyone with more knowledge than me let me know if this is the right gearbox for a fj40?
  19. TNpig

    Wanted  FJ55 Minitruck PS gearbox mounting bracket

    I am doing a minitruck PS conversion on my pig and am looking for a bracket to mount the gearbox.
  20. cult45

    Gearbox Whine

    Searched the interwebs for ages and I keep finding Honda stuff - what gives? Got a one piece H41 with a high pitched whine in 3rd. Also in 4th but less. Also in 2nd but less again. 1st isn't too bad! It's a good box, it shifts fine and I drove it 600mi. in a day just after it went in. We...
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