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  1. H

    HDJ81 transfer case will not shift into 4Hi

    Yesterday we took our 5-speed manual 1991 HDJ81 out on some 4wd roads. We had been using both 4Hi and 4Lo, depending on the terrain, throughout the day. Towards the end of our trip I tried to shift back into 4Hi using the transfer case shifter (H-N-L), but was unable to no matter what I tried...
  2. T

    Reproduction Decals

    Just wanted to put it out on the forum, I reproduce a lot of the engine bay and cab decals for the 4runners and pickups. Check out my website and hit me up if you need any redone. Simply need a good pic and dimensions. Mostly 79-95 years but slowly getting more done. I can only post 5 pics...
  3. T

    For Sale  Sonoma, CA: Diesel 3b (Cracked head), H55F 5-speed, transfercase, 2f parts (thrown rod), 2f emission parts

    Ok, threw a rod with my daily driver 2f today and trying to make come cash to offset the v8 swap. I don't have pics yet, I'll have those up this weekend, but here are the parts I have for sale: 2f catalytic converter and smog parts take-offs from a "de-smog" $400 2f with a hole in it. Lot's of...
  4. Super77

    FJ62 4WD dash light out, transfer case switch replacement FIX

    I’ve had an intermittent issue with my 4WD dash indicator light, and when it finally went out I traced it back to the switch screwed into the side of the transfer case. This is the switch that when engaged, closes a circuit that lights up the dash. It’s a little confusing what part this...
  5. 6

    Transfer case went out a day after timing belt replaced!?!

    Hi all, My 01 LX470 with 200k miles has given me a bit of trouble this week. The fan clutch bracket went bad, so I decided to replace the timing belt, water pump, along with the fan clutch. I thought I would be good to go mechanically for a while. The very next day my wife was driving it and it...
  6. IMG_3291.MOV


    2003 Lexus GX470 weird noise
  7. FarmerFred

    Transmission transfer case rebuild referral

    Can anyone recommend anyone in the Midwest (I’m in Indiana) to rebuild 4sp and transfer case in a 1978? It needs syncros and bearings but runs and drives Im pulling it right now. Thanks.
  8. L

    4 speed and a overdrive

    I have a 84 fj60. The guy I bought it from told me the original owner hated the 5 speed and got a 4speed with a overdrive installed. I know nothing about this overdrive. The picture attached is of the side of the tcase. I looked up that company and they seem to have been popular with Land...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Transfer Case wiring loom for 93-97 and T case for rebuild

    SoCal 1. Wiring loom is in good shape from a working transfer case. $68.40 includes shipping.. All connectors are good. 2. Transfer case with a growl in it. Complete unit. Great to rebuild with low range changed, underdrive to lower final ratio, or for part time conversion. $125 no shipping...
  10. Bighorn Bande

    Snapped output shaft?

    Well, I think I figured out why my 88 OJ50LV doesn’t move under its own power anymore, but I am shocked. Does this mean I need to pull the TC and Tranny, or just TC?
  11. nicopodaca

    Gear Oil Puddle Underneath Transfer Case

    My 1993 has been leaking gear oil and I cannot determine the source. So far I assume it is the front output seal. Whenever I check the gear oil level it never seems to be low even though it leaves a sizable puddle every week. I would like to fix soon. What else should I be inspecting?
  12. leucadiacruiser

    SOLD  HF2AV Transfer case North County San Diego Pickup

    300K miles on this one out of my 1994 FZJ80. Both hi and low engaged, but no CDL light was coming on. On SD Trux recommendation, swapped it out for a used one rather than crack it open to rebuild. Pickup in Encinitas. Not shipping this beast. $100
  13. nicopodaca

    Leaking Front Output Seal on Transfer Case

    Former lurker, new to posting on mud, not sure if this question has been asked or if this is the right place to post. If it has been asked or if this isn't the right place to post then direction to the proper thread would be appreciated. I have a 93 Cruiser and the front output seal on the TC...
  14. N

    For Sale  FJ40 Transfer Case, 3 speed

    For Sale. Used Transfer Case, was my spare and has been stored in my garage. **Correcting this, to be a 3 speed transfer case** $750. Local Pickup preferred. Located in Natick, MA. I'll ship, but likely have to build a box to put it in, and buyer would pay actual costs.
  15. ToddA

    For Sale  Tyler, TX... 1972 3 Speed Transfer Case & Transmission, Bell Housing, Flywheel, Etc...

    I have a pull-out setup from a 1972 FJ40 from when it was swapped to a 4 speed with the 4 speed transfer case. Rather than messing with adapting the 3 speed transfer case to a 4 speed transmission, he decided to just throw the complete setup in there (my boss' vehicle). So I have been tasked...
  16. K

    Recommendations for Gear Oil Transfer Pump for Transfer Case and Differentials?

    I am about to attempt to change my Transfer Case and Differential Oils. And I have already purchased 7 Liters bottles of Mobile 1 synthetic 75w 90 GL5 gear oil. My new plugs and crush washers from Wit's End are supposed to be here today. I wanted to know if anyone had a recommendations for...
  17. mrjordann

    Wanted  9/72 to 9/73 T-Case shift boot

    Hi, looking for a transfer case shift boot from 9/72 to 9/73. They only made it for 12 months and they're hard to find. New or used. Thanks
  18. R

    Wanted  1967 FJ40 Transfer Case High/Low Shift Linkage

    Hello, I am looking for a linkage member for my 1967 FJ40. I have the original dash mounted, vacuum-assist 4wd, but the link I have, (shown below) I believe is for a 4-speed and is about 2-3” too long. I am hoping to avoid cutting this down and rewelding it to the correct size, so please let me...
  19. W

    Wanted  Looking for a 38 mm split case Seattle/Portland area

    Hey guys I am after a later 60/62 series transfer case must be the 38 mm idler. Let me know if some one has one for sale. Thanks
  20. W

    Quick fix of transfer case leak

    Hi everyone, I have a 2001 VXR Landcruiser 100 with about 450,000Km on her. I have a leak on one of my transfer case seals. I replaced the rear output seal last week but this leak is from a more central part of the transfer case and so beyond the tools that I have available. She's an old truck...
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