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  1. LC4LIFE

    80 Series GIS Skid Plate now available

    HuddExpo is now offering the Gray Industries Skid in both Fully welded and DIY versions. The fully welded version comes in black electroplated zinc and the DIY version is bare steel. Both kits come with frame mounts and hardware (new frame hardware qty 8 M10 grade 10.9 JIS bolts and oversized...
  2. Whiphub

    Wanted 93-94 80 series transfer case

    Anyone have one to sell? In the Denver area.
  3. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale Fj62 transfer case 1988

    Good used 38mm vac controlled transfer case from a 88 Fj62. 210k. Ships from 32609. Case must be disassembled for removal/ shipping. $350. Buyer pays actual ups shipping or can provide a shipping label.
  4. X

    For Sale Transmission and T-case from 1997 Land Cruiser

    I have a 1997 A343F with HF2AV transfer case attached, pulled from a rolled FZJ80 Land Cruiser with 212,000 miles. Includes everything shown in the pictures. Looking for $350 plus shipping. I am located in Northern California (Sacramento region).
  5. DoubleNickels

    Wanted FJ62 Transfer Vacuum Conversion - Parts?

    Hello folks. I am NOT in the process of converting my transfer case from vacuum shift to manual... but I'm hoping that someone who HAS performed this mod still has the vacuum diaphragm sub-assembly laying around. I posted this in the WANTED section of the classifieds (here), but haven't had...
  6. CUSailor

    Transfer Shifter Misalignment issues

    Well, I'm hopefully on the home stretch of getting this thing back together ('79 FJ40) and ran into a curious snag. When putting the transfer case shifter back in I thought it was pretty straight forward. There's only one way it can mount and it seemed to be a natural fit. My probelm though is...
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Toyota Land Cruiser 1991-1992 A440 Transmission / TCase

    SoCal From a gas powered 1991. I drove it and it shifted well, no slippage, no lurching, no creeping at idle and no leaks. Torque converter included. $500 firm for the Trans and Torque converter and I will deliver it to your shipper; you set up and pay for the shipping. Transfer Case quiet...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    Parting Out 1996 FJ80 in SoCal

    Full part out. Runs real good, shifts very well, T Case works, everything seems good. Brown interior. Nice dash top. Steering wheel is not cracked but leather is worn at the surface. Front seats are shredded. Seat motors are dead. Good bumpers. Air bag system is not working properly and car...
  9. Rob Gilfillan

    Wanted 1980 FJ40 Transfer Case Front Output Housing

    Looking to source this part of the transfer case assembly
  10. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Auto Trans from 96 and 97, T-Case

    SoCal area. These are in the car ready to test drive. Transmission $300, Transfer Case $250 Mileage around 250K Runs and shifts good, no leaks or whines. I also have others. Shipping is possible if you make the shipping arrangements. I can load them onto a pallet if needed and deliver to...
  11. M

    For Sale FJ62 A440F transmission + xfer

    Selling my spare A440F transmission (9K0153) with transfer case (9F1033). It's already on the pallet, ready to ship from 26505. I am also selling my stockpile of sweet parts. Getting out of the game fellas, this LC stuff is too brutal. I have a full 3FE smog assembly in close to new...
  12. B

    E brake help

    I am currently changing out my emergency brake on my 71 (3spd) fj40. I have inclued pictures, when I'm trying to remove the retaining nut the whole brake drum moves. The truck is in 1st, e brake disingaged, retaining nut (castle nut) not even budging. Any help I would gladly appreciate.
  13. GreenBeachTruck80

    For Sale Numerous early FJ40 parts for sale: Updated 10/5/18

    Updated 10.5.18 : List revised to show what's still available All, I recently purchased a project vehicle that included many early FJ 40 (67) parts, which I don't need/ aren't applicable to my 70 project. Below is a list of most of what's available. To simplify things, I created a Google sheet...
  14. BreckenridgeCruiser

    For Sale B series h55 and transfer case - great condition - 60/70 series top cover

    I cross posted here : For Sale - B Series h55 with 34mm Transfer Case [CA or CO] but thought that I should have posted here first. Tranny is in great shape and is in Colorado. Willing to ship. Can also pallet and have ready for a pickup or can drop off at fastenal if you take care of the...
  15. BreckenridgeCruiser

    For Sale B Series h55 with 34mm Transfer Case [CA or CO]

    I have a B series H55 transmission/34mm transfer out of a 40 series. I pulled the top cover to use in another h55 setup so this one comes with a 60/70 series top cover. Transfer is manual shift front drive. This transmission drove beautifully and the shafts are all in good shape. I can get...
  16. HDJdreams

    Transfer case - Transmission seal?

    I just pulled my transfer-case out of my 97 to get gears and rebuilt. I was wondering if the seal around the transmission output shaft can be replaced without disassembly of transmission? Is it simply a press in seal? Thanks!
  17. Lil Green 80

    80 series stuck in neutral, won't drive.

    Hey there, I've recently bought a 96 gxl cruiser with part time 4wd. I was out 4wding the other week when I stopped to press the cdl switch I lost all drive, car would select all gears but would just rev. I've had the gearbox out and everything is fine. The actuator works perfectly but still...
  18. Bjorn Ogderlund

    For Sale For sale: A440 and HF2A from 92 FJ80

    The old girl got an extra pedal and I've got the old A440 and HF2A from 92 FJ80 for sale. 220K when removed in May. Not many miles since, unless you count scurrying around the shop floor. They both ran nicely together with the 3FE until the 5spd swap was done. It'd be a shame to toss such a nice...
  19. mrjordann

    What does LC2 mean?

    Hi. Pulled the 3-spd trans and t-case in my 73 fj40. After a ton of pressure washing, I found a yellow marking that says "LC2". What does this mean? Does LC stand for Land Cruiser? Thanks!
  20. T1000

    For Sale R151F w/ transfer case - Las Vegas

    Hello all. 10 years ago, I bought an R151F transmission w/transfer case to swap into my '90 4Runner. It came out of an '87 Turbo 4Runner. Unfortunately, I hydrolocked the engine a little bit later and had to get rid of the 4Runner. Didn't have the funds at the time to rebuild the 3VZE and it...
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