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  1. ToddA

    For Sale  Tyler, TX... 1972 3 Speed Transfer Case & Transmission, Bell Housing, Flywheel, Etc...

    I have a pull-out setup from a 1972 FJ40 from when it was swapped to a 4 speed with the 4 speed transfer case. Rather than messing with adapting the 3 speed transfer case to a 4 speed transmission, he decided to just throw the complete setup in there (my boss' vehicle). So I have been tasked...
  2. K

    Recommendations for Gear Oil Transfer Pump for Transfer Case and Differentials?

    I am about to attempt to change my Transfer Case and Differential Oils. And I have already purchased 7 Liters bottles of Mobile 1 synthetic 75w 90 GL5 gear oil. My new plugs and crush washers from Wit's End are supposed to be here today. I wanted to know if anyone had a recommendations for...
  3. mrjordann

    Wanted  9/72 to 9/73 T-Case shift boot

    Hi, looking for a transfer case shift boot from 9/72 to 9/73. They only made it for 12 months and they're hard to find. New or used. Thanks
  4. R

    Wanted  1967 FJ40 Transfer Case High/Low Shift Linkage

    Hello, I am looking for a linkage member for my 1967 FJ40. I have the original dash mounted, vacuum-assist 4wd, but the link I have, (shown below) I believe is for a 4-speed and is about 2-3” too long. I am hoping to avoid cutting this down and rewelding it to the correct size, so please let me...
  5. W

    Wanted  Looking for a 38 mm split case Seattle/Portland area

    Hey guys I am after a later 60/62 series transfer case must be the 38 mm idler. Let me know if some one has one for sale. Thanks
  6. W

    Quick fix of transfer case leak

    Hi everyone, I have a 2001 VXR Landcruiser 100 with about 450,000Km on her. I have a leak on one of my transfer case seals. I replaced the rear output seal last week but this leak is from a more central part of the transfer case and so beyond the tools that I have available. She's an old truck...
  7. Rockymtnreaper

    Front Output Shaft Play? Bearing or new front half of case? HELP

    Hey guys, I have searched around mud a little bit and found some details on these threads. But nothing that 100% matched what I am seeing. FJ60 Transfer Case- Seating front output shaft 1986 November (so 38mm)...
  8. theglobb

    Needles in Transfer Case

    My dad reached into the transfercase on our 1965 FJ40 and found all of this inside. Assuming a bearing is just shredded apart on the inside but does anyone have any other info/advice/experiences with this, such as what it is or how do we fix it? Any help is appreciated.
  9. mattcamp

    Wanted  bolts to mount split case to long 4 sp

    Hello, I am almost finished with a drivetrain project but I am missing bolts! I need the 7 bolts that mount the split case to the h42 long (spacer in back) I don't know the lengths of these bolts either. If someone has that info I would be very grateful. So, bolts or even info, Thank you! -Matt
  10. alohafj55

    For Sale  Hawaii: RARE TEQ Factory PTO Transfer case for FJ55 (Came off a 1979) EASY SHIPPING

    I have a RARE Factory Dual Direction PTO Transfer case for FJ55. In GREAT condition ready to bolt on to complete your restoration. See Pics. Easy to Ship. These are soo difficult to find. Verify Bolt patten to make sure it will fit your vehicle. Asking $700 obo (knuckle attached not included)
  11. Paulrotterdam

    H55f & 1HZ left hand drive vs right hand dr

    H55f & 1HZ left hand drive vs right hand drive Does anybody know if there are differences between a left hand drive compared to a right hand drive H55F transmission and transfer box? I'm in a right drive country with a left hand drive car and need a reconditioned gearbox... I've heard...
  12. Bambusiero

    SOLD  [Phoenix] 80 Series - Slee Transfer Case Skid Plate

    For Sale $100 Slee Offroad SOF1002 Transfer Case Skid Plate For 1991-1997 80 Series Landcruiser / LX450 Used, good condition, paint scratches but unbent. Functionally - same as when new. Located in Phoenix Arizona area, East Valley / Chandler. Local pickup is easiest and most cost effective...
  13. LC4LIFE

    80 Series GIS Skid Plate now available

    HuddExpo is now offering the Gray Industries Skid in both Fully welded and DIY versions. The fully welded version comes in black electroplated zinc and the DIY version is bare steel. Both kits come with frame mounts and hardware (new frame hardware qty 8 M10 grade 10.9 JIS bolts and oversized...
  14. Whiphub

    Wanted  93-94 80 series transfer case

    Anyone have one to sell? In the Denver area.
  15. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  Fj62 transfer case 1988

    Good used 38mm vac controlled transfer case from a 88 Fj62. 210k. Ships from 32609. Case must be disassembled for removal/ shipping. $350. Buyer pays actual ups shipping or can provide a shipping label.
  16. X

    For Sale  Transmission and T-case from 1997 Land Cruiser

    I have a 1997 A343F with HF2AV transfer case attached, pulled from a rolled FZJ80 Land Cruiser with 212,000 miles. Includes everything shown in the pictures. Looking for $350 plus shipping. I am located in Northern California (Sacramento region).
  17. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FJ62 Transfer Vacuum Conversion - Parts?

    Hello folks. I am NOT in the process of converting my transfer case from vacuum shift to manual... but I'm hoping that someone who HAS performed this mod still has the vacuum diaphragm sub-assembly laying around. I posted this in the WANTED section of the classifieds (here), but haven't had...
  18. CUSailor

    Transfer Shifter Misalignment issues

    Well, I'm hopefully on the home stretch of getting this thing back together ('79 FJ40) and ran into a curious snag. When putting the transfer case shifter back in I thought it was pretty straight forward. There's only one way it can mount and it seemed to be a natural fit. My probelm though is...
  19. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser 1991-1992 A440 Transmission / TCase

    SoCal From a gas powered 1991. I drove it and it shifted well, no slippage, no lurching, no creeping at idle and no leaks. Torque converter included. $500 firm for the Trans and Torque converter and I will deliver it to your shipper; you set up and pay for the shipping. Transfer Case quiet...
  20. Deathvalleypaul

    Parting Out  1996 FJ80 in SoCal

    Full part out. Runs real good, shifts very well, T Case works, everything seems good. Brown interior. Nice dash top. Steering wheel is not cracked but leather is worn at the surface. Front seats are shredded. Seat motors are dead. Good bumpers. Air bag system is not working properly and car...
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