How loud is your engine?

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Mar 15, 2009
I got a 1F and its considerably louder that my buddies 2F...

Is that b/c of the displacement?... anything I can check / do ... Its quiet at idle but when I get going its a tad loud.
What noise are you hearing?

When was the last time you adjusted your valves?
I'm not hearing any noise per say ... just loud... like talking normal is kinda hard to hear.... at around 20mph ... just loud.. but my buddies 2f is alot quieter... feels like alot of the noise is coming from the trans but everything works great.

didn't know if the 1F was louder than 2F or not?

It was adjusted about a month ago.. and that quieted it down alot.
The 1F is not a 'louder' engine.

I would wager you are hearing gear noise from the transmission and transfer case assembly...

"Loud" is a generalized term...

What noise are you talking about?

Have you checked your manifold, and exhaust system for leaks?
No the valves haven't been adjusted yet.. just the timing

just seem excessively loud... i have checked everything tightended every bolt nook and cranny....

Im going with what poser said... just gear noise from the trans.... I don't have carpet / rubber or anything on the floor board yet so that is probably a factor
do you have a muffler? or maybe your friend as a quiter muffler.

also depends on where it exits, length of exhaust, etc from what the exhaust shop told me when i was messing with my DD's exhaust system
My 1F purrs like a kitten.
1F with 3spd.
At 65, I hear more tires and gears than engine.
My '65 has no carpet...F engine....3 speed tranny....Its like entering the earths atmosphere from space at speeds over 30 or so....Very noisy...But thats with the top and doors on.....When I take the doors off it gets a little better...Top off and its a nice drive....plenty of place for the noise to go instead of bouncing around the cabin....
Not quiet - just more places for the noise to go....Rubber floor mats will help tremendously over the entire front floorboard including the tranny hump....

Edit: This is pretty much all tranny noise for me btw...engine with maf header (PO!) and standard exhaust gives the sound I'd expect.....nothing unusually loud
67' with F135 and 3-on the tree. It's really nice when the hard top is off. Rocks dont shatter your ear drums and music sounds descent. No rattles, and the engine is barely noticable except at about 3000 rpm's. Other than that it sounds like any other tractor motor. :meh:
Be sure of what you are listening to...

Motor is really very quiet....What I hear when driving is the headers and the Magnaflow all that mixed in with the sounds of the gearboxes. With the hardtop on there is also a bit of resonance from the sheet metal. Open the hood and rev the engine to check for sounds of the engine alone.
Ahh well since rubber floor mats do some noise cancellation (the consensus) .. I think I'll do that! Another trip to wally world... or autozone

Its about 3k is when it gets alittle loud... other than that its all good.
Ahh well since rubber floor mats do some noise cancellation (the consensus) .. I think I'll do that! Another trip to wally world... or autozone

Its about 3k is when it gets a little loud... other than that its all good.

You might also get some roofing felt to put under the mats. I had some left over from a repair job and added a couple of sheets under the mats for a little heat insulation...seemed to dampen the exhaust noise too. A cheap fix.
Really most of the noise is probably from the 3 speed. Interestingly enough, I've found in my limited experience of 3 tranny/transfer rebuilds that about a year and a half or two (10000 miles) after a rebuild mine have quieted down a lot. I have floor mats, but I can hear the heater blower fan and other ambient sounds while driving down the road at 45 mph.
Sounds like you have a LandCruiser to me.
Yeah, if your other car is a Lexus the cruiser is loud.

My truck is a combination of short exhaust, soft top, tires, gears and rattles. Enjoy it.
Loud enough that I have to turn it off at the drive-thru :)

LOL! I had to do that just today! :) I get a lot of gear noise but not a whole lot of engine noise unless the rpm's are way up. To me thats just part of the experience.

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