Hey good looking....what you got cooking?

Aug 6, 2007
Brandon, MS
Was in Kroger the day after Christmas and found a country ham for $.99 a pound. I grew up eating only country ham and had no idea other flavors of ham existed until the Honey Baked Ham store opened. As I enjoy my ham still salty I only soaked it for roughly 24 hours and changed the water every 8 hours. Now do I cook it the traditional VA way by submerging it in water in a large pot while keeping water temperature around 190* or roast it in the oven? Due to the sheer size of an 18lb ham and not having a pot it would fit in, large scale Sous-vide was not an option. So it came down to roasting it in the oven. To be able to enjoy the rich natural flavor of a salt cured ham no seasoning was added. I simply cut crosshatches in the skin, covered it and cooked at 350 until ham reached 155*. Turned out perfect. Looking forward to eating ham for the next couple weeks.
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