HELP!! need some 2F info

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Jan 19, 2006
Hey. Just bought a '72 FJ-40 for a grand canadian! Tub is mint, and everything is great, but the engine. It has not run in 4 years, and the previous owner says it blew the crank bearings, and now it is time to fix. I have considered swapping in a 350, but don't worry guys I only thought about it for 3.6 seconds. So now I am in the process of finding a 2F to replace the F but have searched the net for days to find NOTHING. Is it worth my time to buy a 2F with everything on it and rebuild it myself or to continue the search and try to find one already done? I am a suspension Tech, and have rebuilt a few 350's and a 22R, but am worried about the end cost. If anyone has info as to where I could find a rebuilt 2F preferebly in B.C., Or in Canada, that would help me in my lengthly search. Thanks!
I can't find it at the moment, but there are at least two guys around here that have a 2F for sale, you might try looking around the parts for sale section of MUD or posting in the parts wanted section. hope that helps.
Toyota Trails has them surface in the parts section pretty often. Sounds like a great project.

Have you tried spinning the motor just to see what is going on in there? I wonder if you might get it running to see what else is going on both good and bad.

Have you looked at any wrecking yards locally? I have found a cruiser in every town I have lived in so far, just takes a bit of searching... and sometimes asking if they have any old "J*&ps."

Good Luck!

Rezarf <><
If your willing to do all the work yourself, probably better to go that route. A fully rebuilt one will be close to $2K, at least it was in the summer of 2004. Parts and maching yourself would be less than that and if you are a capable mechanic, you will know it was done right and have the pride of doing it your self.

You might PM 74FJ40 (Max) he and his Dad tore down and rebuilt an F motor and it is very similar. He could give you some infor on what he went through.
machineing and parts for my F put me at about $1300.
i traded work with a guy who put it together for me.
Welcome to Mud. You might want to post in the wanted section. There are alot of members in Canada, many of which would probably be of assistance in finding a 2f for you. Good luck, you'll find one if you look long enough
where in bc you from? good on you for sticking with the 2f, you should look into extreme bends or lci. if they don't have anything they can help point you in the right direction.
Thanks for the reply's First, I'm from Vernon B.C. I just found out that the local wreckers ( interior Auto Wreckers) is a 'cruiser specialist.. only a 15 min drive away. Second, I have a F, but want to go to the 2F, for the incredible horsepower gains. haha. but mainly the better oiling system. I am a competent mechanic, and have thought about doing the rebuild myself, but am still interested in purchasing a 2F that is already done. Anyone out there looking to start a new business????? could be good. There seems to be a bit of a lack of info on the net, 'cept for this site about cruizer related stuff, and if there is it is hard to de-cipher. Then I found a site, and they are from edmonton. I called him up and he said that he has a 2F that was pulled form an FJ and will sell it to me for 600$ and a full rebuild kit for approx. $1200. So then I have to tear it down, get it machined and rebuild it. I figure the cost would end up being over 2500$ just in the engine. How long will a properly rebuilt 2F last for, I hear that once rebuilt, they dont last as long. So, thinking about a 350 swap for another 2.7 seconds, I can do the engine, adapters and rebuild for less than 2500$ and have a readily available parts engine. I am going to be using this as a daily driver, to work, school etc and at the most rough fire roads/ skidroads. No hardcore wheeling.. But I dont want to do the tranny swap, and think that the stock 3spd will blow with the 350 in her. So back to the 2F. Anyone have approx milage numbers, and approx cruising speed? I am going to do the work at my place, and then am moving to Vancouver in the fall after traveling to South America, and have to drive it over 500km, and wonder if it is up to the task... of course, right? I really want to keep it non chevota, cause that is the easy way out, and I dont like the easy way out. So still on the hunt for a 2F preferably already redone, but will keep researching the possibility of the rebuild myself. Thanks again guys! Great site, great info!
hey... contacted sor and it seems the best route to go is to get the rebiuld kit and rebuilt the F. they quoted me about 750 american, sounds reasonable?? looks like this is the way to go
also, I seen that someone posted a link to a F engine rebuild manual, but it is no longer.. Anyone with a new link or somewhere I can get a detailed rebuild manual? pretty stoked to get going on this.... Boo-ya time to go cruzin!
If you are going the rebuild route, call PAC lift in CA. They have a complete rebuild kit (bearings, seals, rings, pistons, etc) for about $550. If your pistons are good the kit price goes down.

You can find good 2F engines for $1000 or less. You may be able to find one and install it and run for some time before the rebuild is needed.

Search here for the Pac lift number, sorry I don't have it right now.
To answer a few of your questions,
1. A rebuilt 2F will last just as long as a 350, if not longer. It all depends on your definition of "properly rebuilt." Yours and the next guy's may be very different.

2. 2F gas mileage for me is about 14-16 anywhere in there. I've had it go as high as 18. But I can't tell you anymore what it is cause my odometer doesn't work and neither does my gas gauge.

3. 2F driving speed, I've taken mine up to 65, but she was SCREAMING. So I don't usually drive more than 55mph. Although a lot of other guys on this thread will probably tell you otherwise.

4. 2F will most likely cost more than a 350 both for the engine and the parts. It will cost you more to put everything together and in the long run, will just cost you more. haha. But no one ever buys a landcruiser cause they're looking for something that's going to save them a ton of money be it in the area of gas, parts, service, etc. etc. SO I say go with the 2F, keep it toyota.
I looked into Paclift and they are no longer selling the parts to rebuild the F and 2F engines, they can't get the parts from their old supplier, and I think they changed owners recently, and the new owner has no intentions of re sourcing, as the engine is super rare now, in the lift business. Apparantly they sold more to cruiser owners than lift owners... go figure. So on goes the search for a more cost effective way to rebuild my F.....

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