Heavy Steering / Trans Tune Flush

May 6, 2020
Limestone County, AL
Okay cool. At work till 5p today, got a cruiser meet so I'll try to snap some photos then.

Also need to mention the steering column part can be found on Ebay but have heard from local reputable independent mechanics that it's a dealer-only part which means $$$$ - still unsure of part number though
Sep 15, 2019
Houston, TX
Still hard to steer. Planning to check the steering column tomorrow. I purchased a new PS pump and was planning to install this weekend, but on Wednesday out of nowhere it was a breeze to drive. ???? But then today it was back to heavy... Could a bad pump have brief periods of functionality like that?

Also, outer TREs were shot. Replaced. During the process I found the inners were shot too. If the steering is still bad after replacing the pump then I'll replace the entire rack, and from what I gather the rack often comes with inner TREs. If the pump fixes it then I'll just replace the inners on their own.

Replaced the PS pump. No change. During the process I did find that my serpentine belt is shot and so are my tensioner and idler pulleys. After some reading online it seems that having a bad belt and pulleys would contribute to difficult steering. I'm hopeful.
And I checked the steering column. No issues. Super clean actually.

Second update:
Has anyone had any experience with a bad PS air control valve? From a quick search online, it looks like this could easily contribute to heavy steering. Not a cheap product, unfortunately :(
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