GX470 Dissent Rear bumper buy thread

Jan 30, 2007
Los Angeles, CA

G26er explains everything in a previous post:
I reached out to Ben to get some more details about how this whole process would work. We came up with a 2 stage process for the deposit. The situation is such that Ben had a GX in the shop for prototyping and the bumper shell was hammered out but the final work on the swingarm geometry wasn't completed once the project was shelved. Stage 1 to finish the project would be to get the GX back in the shop, bumper on and finish all the work with the swingarm. Time frame for this stage would be 4-8 weeks from the start of prototyping. Stage 2 would begin once the prototyping was complete and would be standard shop production with an estimated time frame of 8-12 weeks lead.

Stage 1: Each person on the list reaches out to Ben via email. The email link is located in the "contact us" section on his website homepage. In the message box start the conversation with "GX470 Rear Bumper" or similar. Once Ben has an email from you he proceeds to send an invoice for $200 prototyping deposit. This deposit would be your commitment to the project and is contingent on the start of prototyping. That is to say if only 5 out of 10 people on the list come through with a deposit and prototyping does not actually commence your deposit will be refunded. Once it has begun the deposit is considered non refundable.

Stage 2: Once prototyping is complete Ben will contact everyone that sent a prototyping deposit with an second deposit invoice for 50% of your individual order. That's also considered non refundable once everything is in motion. This stage should wrap up in the standard lead time of 8-12 weeks and this is depending on shop order volume. There is always the potential for a lower lead time if all orders are caught up but its better to expect the full 8-12.

Stage 2 ends with a GX470 Dissent rear bumper shipped to you!

That's it! We have the numbers lets get this ball rolling!
Jun 30, 2019
Charlotte, NC
Anyone talk to Ben to see how this is going and how many people have reached out to Ben?
Great news! Got an email from Ben that we have about 13 people on the roster!

That's enough to get this off the ground and underway.

Regarding a timeline Ben mentioned that the shop is in full swing with current offerings and will only be able to start the new project end of August beginning of September.

I will not be updating the lists on this thread as the current list is with Ben. I'm assuming that in a few weeks he will make the rounds to reach out about the Stage 1 deposit. From that point on I intend to keep in touch with him and update this thread with the latest progress.

If there are any other interested parties please reach out to Ben directly via the outlined steps to get on the list.
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