Group Buy--Jowett Performance Filter Housing with Fuomoto drain valve

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Nov 2, 2006

UPDATE: The V8 housings available have all been claimed. A coupon code will be sent to those that got on the list before Monday the 11th at Midnight PST. Any other sign ups will be added to a pre-order list for when Brian gets the next set in stock.

Brian has offered to do a group buy on the billet filter housing:
Billet Oil Cap for filter
Billet aluminum oil filter cap

The discount will be 1% for each purchased up to a max 15% discount. The group buy is cross promoted at TacomaWorld and for the V6 cap as well, which I will track and update. I have this installed on my 200, and it makes oil changes a lot easier. UPDATE: We are already over 15 in under 24 hours (not surprising for a great product). The GB will run through Monday December 11 at Midnight. I will PM each of you that signed up with the code. I will confirm with Brian how long the code will be active.

Assume we can get 15, the cost looks like:
Housing only: $105-15%=$89.25
Housing with valve only $129-15%=$109.65
Housing with valve and socket $145-15%=$123.25
Prices include shipping from what I can tell.


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Assuming we can get to 15, I'll buy one for my brother and my father in law for their Tacoma and 4Runner. So the list so far:
1. Bamma
2. Bamma
3. Heartguy (T4R)
4. Mogwai
6. 2barevo (T4R).
7. yotatomy (tacomaworld)
8. MountainClimber78 (
9. Tirikr (
10. KENGNJ (
11. Rayofsi (
12. PK930 (
13. jk24runner (
14. sinks88 (
15. K9 HAULR (
16. Axolotl81 (Ih8mud)
17. Emcd (Ih8mud)
18. Txtortoise (Ih8mud)
19. Linus (Ih8mud)
20. Wtmtnterror (Ih8mud)
21. Richxd87 (Ih8mud)
22. Alwalz x2 (Ih8mud)
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In! But Brian was going to get my money anyway.
+1 (housing and valve)
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I'd like to be added to the list also. Thanks.
Housing with valve and socket $145-15%=$123.25
+1 for a housing & valve, I'll 2x if I need the socket.

@bjowett - with the Fumoto valve on, what is the depth to the hex?

(How much socket depth do I need?)
Also in for all 3 items.
housing, valve, and socket here please.
Does the addition of the valve foul the little access panel?
Is that 54mm socket same size as 80 series front axle nut? If so, I will get two filter housing with a valve (one for tundra and one for 200 series). Otherwise include one socket as well.

Edit: I will get a socket as well. Seems like 54mm I have will not fit.
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Already at 22 in under 24 hours!
Ill take one with valve and socket
My V8 supply is depleted... So anyone past this point is welcome to join in, but you will have to wait for the next batch. I will post an ETA.

As soon as it is available, I will PM the discount code to the above customers.
Well, put me on the list for the housing with valve for next time, or if someone drops off.
Is that 54mm socket same size as 80 series front axle nut? If so, I will get two filter housing with valve (one for tundra and one for 200 series). Otherwise include one socket as well.

I was curious as well, looks like the 80 series socket is 2 1/8 inch (metric conversion) and this is a 2.5 inch socket.
Well, please add me for the cap with the valve and socket. Is there an option for the HD mount tube and bypass valve listed on the site? 5.7 version...
The 54mm socket was an early design consideration. It was nixed for strength to profile reasons, as well as being a little bit too close to the EZ Valve during removal and install... should the socket contact the side of the valve, it could slowly tweak it over many cycles and cause a failure. Not likely... but the wider spacing of the 2.5" gives a much more clearance.

The socket needs to be at least 2" deep... that will give .20" of clearance between the bottom of the socket and the valve.

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