Greens mobile so strip the 8274 and rebuild

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Oct 15, 2005
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Well GREEN is back on its feet - the spare 8274 I had lying around ( I bought it over 12 months ago from someone for $2700rm $900USD) desperate for some cash and left it lying in the storeroom) was installed (since the XD9000 got smashed completely) - however upon collecting GREEN they informed me that the winch was intermittent and it would go tick tock tick tock aso you give it a tick tock tap with hammer and it might work.

I decided a trip to rawang hospital was required. The rules were mekanik would show I would do and learn. I took spare motor and sandpaper and tools.

The motor stripped out - note the colour of the of the copper



Then it was time to lift the winch body out and lift the top off.

Observe the colour :) of the oil


There was no oil in it only water about 1/2 a liter of it.


Then we had to remove the gears


The brake and bearing was stripped next - completely dry and a PAD stuck to the metal backing.


So we had to pry it out.


Then we cleaned it all up regreased the 21 ball bearings and put the brake back together and then reinstalled all the gears and then I had fun with the motor carbons all 4 were frozen stiff. WD40 and some pursation they now worked.

Then the motor was fitted back together 3 times yup I slipped the motor out 3 times by mistake and had to refit.

Then we put the winch back into GREEN and added a liter of oil and popped the top back in connected the wiring (thats to be replaced next they looking a bit old).

and a TEST and hey presto the winch worked and WELL



Next was to find the rattles since the new body was fitted and the SQUEAK.

One squeak found - PANHARD ROD RUbber bushings gone - RAWANG doctor had a set there so we replaced them and refitted.

Anti roll bar bolt got so that was a RATTLE down - replaced that

THen I find a loose pipe (it rattles) and one just cut off - chase them both back and removed - another RATTLE gone.

TEst drive and NO rattles - a loud squeak remained - chased it down to left front shock - removed shock - squeak gone - connected shock SQUEAK returns - DAMN new shock required - time for AMADA's.

All completed.



DAffy was out there getting surgery - a 3" LIFT to fit the high steer steering kit.

and an immaculate 75 fully restored.

and adzhars 60 series on its way to turkey somewhere for the 2 month *stan and china trip.



Next is to fix the interior lights and the stereo (no power)
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No doubt about it,the old 8274 are tough old things

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