Glory to the PO cussed be his name

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Noob, but trying to learn
May 30, 2011
Pflugerville Tx
So the PO, or more likely the PPO had an overheating issue (a cracked headgasket as it turns out)

He Couldn't get the thermostat housing off

This is after flushing it 3 times



Dunno if you can see but the hose too, is solid with what I guess is stop leak of some kind...

The lower housing has yellow stuff all over it too...

Between the big hose and the housing was like a 1/8 in crust of this stuff. which is why it was all lumpy, and clamped in weird.

So much for a quick fix... off to order the upper housing and the water by pass hose

Otoh, after this it'll be better, so that's to look forward too.

Question: Am I correct in assuming this could be the cause of the original overheat the popped the head gasket?


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If the junk is white or tan in color it could be hard water deposits rather than stop leak. If so the radiator itself could be limed up and partially blocked as well.

I personally have never seen yellow colored mineral deposits in a radiator but I reckon the color would depend on the mineral content of the specific mud puddle the radiator was filled from.
Yup hard water deposit... change all the hoses and radiator as planed and re-ck
all that concrete is likely blocking the smaller head gasket coolant holes too - and probably some big ones also.
The head has to come off and crap cleaned out of there too if you want the coolant to flow through the head properly
Could be hard water deposits. Could be the result of adding incompatible coolant types.

With the Thermostat out, you might want to back-flush the block through the draincock on the side and from the heater ports and use a flush additive to dissolve some of that crud, if possible.

This is one of the reasons it's so important to use demineralized water or pre-mix coolant only.
I already ordered one off rock auto, and the bypass hose, other wise I would.

I was going to put white vinegar on it, to see if it was lime deposits, but we were out.
In addition to Re-furbished and New OEM / NON-USA ones , there will be something New on the Horizon to consider : :D

- Fully Polished out to Mirror Chrome-Like finish Barret Jackson Car Show style here in the very near future , exactly like my Kustom Line up of2F Valve Covers i offer from time to time ..........

I also have updated the lower housing to block face with a Double SEMS washers JIS OEM toyota #8 strength bolt ...

far superior to the out dated one currently available from your local dealer , it’s oem plating is also a step up as well in the anti corrosion direction ....

- I have also axed the current OEM part # main housing to housing 8mm x 1.25 bolts due to various flaws and a cheapness attitude these bolts now try to offer the 60 series community ?

- I have sourced Yellow Zinc 8.8 grade SeMS JiS strength bolts that,s plating , wider SEmS washer in my opinion exceede the currently a available simple hot dipped in appearance galvanized One toyota now offers ?

- I also offer stainless steel ones , but that’s a entire thread topic I think needs a healthy input and debate , from folks in the know like @OSS
Who has such knowledge I don’t on the topic and we all can learn from along with @Spike Strip too , ....

I have always had Yahmaha out board boat engines and they intermingle stainless fasteners and aluminum alloys with great success so I will be sitting 🪑 in the front row along with @Seth S im sure got this to be exploration of that TECH .....:)


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have you removed the rear drain? did anything come out?
Not yet 3 Puppies, going to do that today, Parts from rock auto get her Wednesday.

It would run and idle fine, before I started, It's got a fuel issue I need to solve before I can test if it' over heats.

ToyotaMatt, I see the Bolts and the Lower therm housing on your site, but not the upper. Do you have a link, or what i need to search searching "thermostat" didn't work.

ToyotaMatt, I see the Bolts and the Lower therm housing on your site, but not the upper. Do you have a link, or what i need to search searching "thermostat" didn't work.


i have Lower NON-USA Block drains you can hook a 5/16" hose up to for a easy mess free drain or back flush low pressure ?

And you must slather those four bolts that project into the blind lower t-stat housing holes with anti-seize before installing them.

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