Gas sender in ohms

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May 15, 2003
Northern California
I need to fix my gas guage and I think its the sender so I need to know how many ohms the senders are in stock 40s. My tank is aftermarket and in under the back of the cruiser so after mkt is what Im looking for. thanks
and happy new years :cheers:
OEM Toyota fuel gauge resistance:

Full = 17 +/- 2.1 ohms
Half = 40 +/- 4.5 ohms
Empty = 120 +/- 6.5 ohms
just for interests sake, these are the readings I got from my 74. They could be wrong, but seem to correspond to the overall level. (IE: reads full after I fill it from the pump, fill the correct gallons at 1/2 - 1/4 full)
I took them after a rebuild and I was sure it was empty. The "5.8" and "11.6" are exactly what I put in after re-installation...

174.2 ohms empty
67 ohms 5.8 gal
33.2 ohms 11.6 gal


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