FJZ80 95LC Heat below ATM gear interior console

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Mar 29, 2005
why? the area right below the ATM shifting gears console is very hot i can feel this on both sidies . My coins are so hot that no body dare to catch is this normal?
My feet get a little warm in the summer, but nothing like that.

Have you checked the AT fluid? Level ok? Color? Last time you changed it?

Not that the stock temp gauge tells you much, but any overheating of the engine?

If everything looks ok there, you should try to get some data as to the temp of the transmission.
AT/TEMP is ok; TEMP Gauge below 50%; After driving more than one hour i feel the gear console that is between the driver and front passanger is so hot only in this area.
Is your rear heater on? That's weird that everything checks out ok, but you still have such high temps there.

You might do some searching to see if there is some sort of heat shield above the transmission that might have fallen off.
Thanks i will tear the plastic cover surrounding the gear and look beneath to check the insoulation and rubber housings. and will attach pics tomorrow
Actually, I meant more of a shield under the truck. There really isn't much beneath the console. You will see the plastic ducts for the rear heater, but that's about it. Pretty much bare metal below that.

I'm interested in what you find. Is this a LC or a LX? What year? If you have an LX, there might be some stereo stuff in the console that I suppose could be overheating, but that is a stretch.
Guys, I removed the plastic console yesterday and drive the car to half hour to observe heat blow beneath. I found the metal right down the console and no oem appearance of any types of shiled. which is common sense. I wonder is it normal to feel this mush of heat transfer to body from ATM gear. and if yes then this should trigger the AT/Temp light on. I am planning to invistagate the ATM cooling pipes or system. My type is Toyota landcruiser 95 vxr full time fully loaded japan.
kfarea has the A442F tranny. which does get quite a bit hotter than the A343F that myself, CH, and rusty have. I believe this is normal. I remember my '93 used to get very hot in this area, but not my '97.

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