Wanted FJ80/FZJ80/LX450 - rear end or side damage preferred!

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United States
ISO - wrecked or salvaged 80. (West Coast)

I own a '93 FZJ80 that is clean with no body damage. I was going to cut it up for a project, but just cannot bring myself to do that to a clean rig. So! I'd like to find something a bit rougher that doesn't have frame damage, but is otherwise not worth fixing. Any area from behind the driver door back can be squashed, crashed, rusted or stripped as it will be removed and the frame lengthened for a rad conversion.

It needs to be on a rolling chassis and running, mods or no mods, doesn't matter.

If modded, will consider a trade or partial trade for my '93 that's locked and totally stock.

My rig has faded paint, but that's the worst of it. It's smogged, current reg, no leaks, rebuilt front axle, new brakes, etc.

PM me for my email.
What your project btw? I started mine with a D60 pas drop from 90 dodge with matching D70.. at this point that’s it. I’m siding toward 80 starter truck, but have been all over the board from 200 to 100 starter trucks. Thx

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