FJ62 Fuel Leak

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Dec 22, 2015
San Francisco
I'm stumped. Filled up the truck yesterday. Drove around 20 miles and then parked for dinner. Driving home from dinner, a very strong gasoline smell is coming into the cabin. Upon pulling over, I can see gas leaking from under the front center of the truck. I wasn't far from home, so I got home to deal with it this morning.

This morning I wake up to take into the shop and no leaking, no smell.

I go back home.

A few hours later, the wife and I are heading into town, strong gas smell, visible leakage.

This time I was able to get some video footage of it.

Any ideas? I've read all the other posts and they seem to be experiencing leaks in a different area of the truck.

SOLVED: Leak was spewing out at fuel pulsation damper - > thanks to @mwebfj60

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Did you check for a leak at the fuel line to fuel rail connection/ pulsation dampener?


@mwebfj60 also, how are you solving my problems and simultaneously restoring that 62 you just got!

Here's a video of the leak

That's the only reason I could guess where it was coming from. Is it loose?
It’s a pain to reach! I had to modify the open end of a 7/8 combo wrench with a cut off wheel on the grinder to get a good purchase on it. I replaced the original after finding the screw all the way out under the cap. I got one at O’checkers.
That one looks like the new one I got. It very well could be loose!
replace it. OEM is still available. so are aftermarket.. I suppose it could just be the gaskets, but those are known to leak from their diaphragms... fuel pressure pulsation damper... try to tighten first, but do not throw a case of whoop-as on it...
I would second replacing it with an OEM dampener. I've heard from a few other posts on the forum that new OEM ones have a rivet instead of a screw so there's no need to retighten it after time because it'll never loosen from its factory set position.
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it's only 10 bucks more for the OEM part. That said, I would totally run that napa part, in a pinch.
there are a number of Mud affiliated small vendors who offer it, as well as all of the online OEM parts suppliers. I use as a part number reference, then copy and paste the pn in a new tab in my browser and set back to be amazed/ disappointed, however the results may read. SO, from here you select your VIN variable and then you go to engine, then select the sub catagory and find your part by name then copy the pn and paste in new tab and 23207-74010 - Bing. then simply take your pick...HTH!

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