FJ60 Snorkel install

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Oct 13, 2014
Ft Campbell, KY
hey guys look what i picked up today!

went all the way up to charleston to get it, and it only ran me 140$!

but now comes the hard part, i am missing the hose to the intake, the template and im not sure how to route it through the engine to the air intake. any tips?
It runs along the inside of the fender, you will have to remove the wiper washer and maybe the antenna to install. Make sure when you drill the holes you paint the inside of the fender too to stop it from rusting. When you get a template, it specifies what would appear to be overly large holes for mounting. This is so you have enough room for the studs to stick through as you wiggle it on. Did you get the bracket for mounting to the A pillar?
i have the bracket but that is all, i assumed getting a hold of a few bolts couldnt be that difficult.
alright, thanks for the tip.

i was looking through other forum posts last night and people were saying it was necessary to reweld the intake on the left side of the engine.

is this true or is there a workaround?
Just bolt it on the fender... most guys never need theirs anyhow. Why go to the effort of hooking it up?
call ARB. I'm sure they'll get you all the missing parts and the instructions.

but yeah, the air intake is pointed towards the driver side on 60s. 62s are pointed to the passenger side making things way easier. You may be able to get one of them for cheap assuming you could make it work?

Good luck with the little project. They turn heads, just be ready for one billion people asking you why your exhaust is up there.
Is it a legit ARB? There been a huge influx of Chinese/Malaysian copies the last 4 years.
pretty sure its legit, how should i check? it has the ARB product numbers and says made in australia by luxon 4wd.
ive been in 3 situations in the last 2 months alone that after i was done made me think "wow, i could have hydrolocked my truck there".
thanks for the tip man.
Good luck with the little project. They turn heads, just be ready for one billion people asking you why your exhaust is up there.

That's one cool exhaust you got there! Lol.
talked to ARB and they are sending me a template and parts list through email. now let me see if i can come up with the following.

3 Stainless steel screw 4.2X13mm

2 hex bolt 6mmX1.0X12mm

4 6mm flat washer

3 pop rivets 4mmX12mm

4 Stainless steel studs 8mmX1.25X25mm

4 Nyloc nuts 8mmX1.2

4 Body washers 8mmX30
Do you a line for one more of these snorkels? I am looking to get one. I've read here about the cheap snorkels for 80 series but not 60 series. Can't find them on ebay usa nut lot of of them are in malaysia and australia. shipping from there is expensive.
Complete parts list, step-by-step installation guide (with diagram) and TEMPLATE (in three 8.5x11 sheets that can be taped together) WITH CORRECT MARKINGS - straight from ARB.



  • safari snorkel 60hf template.pdf
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Just wanted to follow up with this old thread and see how you connected it to the air filter on the 60. Did you end up running the tube to the other side and connecting it or ?? any pics ?

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