Fj60 shudders when turned off

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Nov 10, 2017
Orange County
I have an ‘85 FJ60 that I just got back from the mechanic. Now, the engine runs for a second and then shudders pretty violently when I turn off the ignition. The PO had installed an electric fuel pump and my mechanic reconnected a mechanical fuel pump and replaced the fuel lines. He also adjusted the choke. It’s now hard for me to tell if the choke is actually engaging. The light goes on but the rpms don’t jump like they did previously with the choke on. It’s also at higher rpms at idle than before. Could the choke be stuck in the engaged position?

He did a bunch of other things to the cooling system (new radiator, fan clutch, water pump, hoses, etc.) but I can’t imagine that would cause this issue. Other than that the truck is running about the best it’s run under my ownership. I’ll call the mechanic tomorrow but wanted to get thoughts from this group. Thanks.
There is a proper way to adjust the choke with both the cable and the high idle screw.

Have you pulled the air cleaner lid to see what the choke is doing?
When you say, 'shudders' do you mean there's a last-gasp of running engine before it stops after you turn the key off?

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