Extending Range to 500 miles. Best Options?

Sep 17, 2003
Sunnyvale, CA
For contiguous US, 1fz is what we have standard and it can be marginal with only the main tank. Adding a few jerry cans or a small/medium size subtank takes care of range anxiety for some rare places, or more importantly opens up the ability to explore without heading to a fuel station to top up. As has been pointed out, you'll pretty well always find petrol at a station, diesel is more the rarity, especially some out of the out of the way spots.

Given (in the contiguous US) you really can't purposefully drive to a place that isn't within 50 miles or so of a petrol station, it isn't life threatening to not have 500-1000 miles of range.

I installed a subtank in my 80 a couple of decades back. It certainly is nice to know that regardless of where the main tank needle is, that there's at least 100 miles reserve to get me back to a fuel station somewhere. Lets me wander/explore.

Not having a subtank standard in the US was and is a poor choice for us. I'm wondering if having a rear mounted fuel tank was already a DOT issue for rear end collisions.

Yeah, in oz, I can't imagine (other than the mall cruising brigade) why anyone would not buy a diesel for the bush. There I do have a safe 1200km range in the tank and will carry upwards of 5 jerry cans of diesel for an additional 750km of range. You can be back of beyond and be having range anxiety even with 1800km+ of range. And yes, you'll find diesel at any country/bush town. It's a different infrastructure to support a different usage/need. In some out of the way places a station (mega ranch) will sell diesel out of a drum, knowing that they are one of the few places on a long stretch where a traveller could refuel, ain't cheap, but the other option is not an option for many...

At least with the old nissan diesel, I get a steady MPG, whether driving for days in 2nd gear or on good roads. Loaded with gear and a brick shaped box on the roof. This is where many diesels shine, they don't become thirsty camels when you work them. The predicatable MPG makes for less range anxiety when the terrain requires more oompf.

For the OP, a subtank is the cheapest way to get extra range if carrying jerry cans is not viable.

Nov 17, 2021
Arlington, Wa
I imagine that's paying extra for overnight shipping. In Colorado we have most stuff come from Kansas city. But non us import parts would probably take a week or more. A lot of sop parts for my 80 would take a week to get for stuff in different warehouses around the usa unless I paid for fast shipping.

I called. They said they could have it next day. A lot of parts here come from Portland.
Oct 25, 2021
While gas stations are plentiful they are not always on the route. There are many spots out in western kansas or down in arkansas where stations are 60 plus miles between towns or quite a bit out of the way. I hate having to stop to get gas at half a tank cause the next town is 90 miles. I also hate getting stuck paying an extra .50 or .80 cents a gallons cause you have to fill up in a backwards area.

I know when we play around my area I will drive 60 miles to arkansas, fill up and spend 2 days driving backroads and trails and then limp back out with gas light on. I was leaning towards long range tank but the cost has skyrocketed.

Also for me traveling 15 gallons will get an extra 150 miles. My truck is thirsty. Light comes on at 200 miles
I read notes that people are getting 200 miles before the light comes on and I wrinkle my face in a weird, "Whaaaaaaaat?"...and then remember that mine is fully stock (for the time being), down to the 265 tires.

Without running the AC or running her hard, I get about 360 miles on a full tank, so 15ish mpg, mostly all highway miles.

I bought her six years ago (currently at 220k miles)...family has been a Land Cruiser family since the early 70's...other than some JANKY repairs (incorrect AND forced belts, incorrect fuses for the dash, janky ass stereo amp jankily wired), the engine is so incredibly smooth.

I know my mpg is gonna drop like the Titanic in the North Atlantic as soon as I update to bigger tires, a lift kit (2.5") and bumpers.

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