Exhaust parts for 77 with 1HZ

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May 22, 2004
South Island
Seems I need a new resonator, muffler and tailpipe. Had a quote of $750 for aftermarket, which I consider ridiculous.

What is available that goes well with the 1HZ, stock or aftermarket?

Thanks again.
That is about par. I paid $815 (US) for a mandrel bent 3" aluminized exhaust system for a 75 less than a year ago.

crushers said:
where are you located, it would help in any recommendations...

Southern Vancouver Island. Thanks.
I am anticipating spending that amount, if not more to have a custom heavy duty system built for my BJ74...

I could see it for a custom bent set up., but all I need is a 2.5" tailpipe, muffler and resonator and the fitting. The only thing that needs bending is the tailpipe, maybe.

What ever you do, I recommend that you get the stock resonator out of the system, - it is extremely restrictive, and your engine will perform remarkably better. I gained 3 to 3.5 seconds 0-100 kmh, just by cutting out the resonator, and installing 2.5" straight pipe in it's place. The change in engine noise wasn't very noticeable either - just a little raspy..

The stock system on my HZJ73 was heavy wall stainless - I'm surprised yours has failed...unless it got mangled off-roading!

Check out my getting ready to turbo thread. https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=72355

That's great info - much appreciated. I wondered about dropping the resonator but didn't know the effect. As long as it passes the BC inspection I'll go with your suggestion. Do you forsee any problem there?

Stainless? Lucky! Not this one, but 15 years is a long time for an exhaust system and it is all Toyota components so probably original.

"Dump the resonator, and replace with a glass-pack" Sorry, whats a glass-pack?" :eek:
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Glass-packs are very cheap, loud (when used by themselves), small diameter mufflers. Sound deadening results from the fact that they are filled with fiberglass mat, around a perforated pipe, inside a larger round pipe/housing. But they probably muffle more than a resonator! They tend to remove the "harshness" from the exhaust note.

Look at Summitracing.com, and search for "glasspack".

If you buy one, be sure to look through the core of the muffler before you purchase it - most of the cheaper ones have a core that is 2" dia, regardless of the the diameter of the inlet/outlet - and you don't want that... And the higher quality ones are now packed with stainless steel wool, not fiberglass. The fiberglass tends to break down over time, and cause the muffler to get louder, as it ages.

My HZJ was inspected before I modified it, but it is now quieter than stock with the two mufflers... Most people remark at how quiet the LC is, particularly when it is going down the road.

Being in the Interior, we don't have the air-care inspections to contend with. I would guess that it would not affect the inspection, but I cannot say for sure.



(PS - the best way to muffle the 1HZ is to put a turbo on it!!!)
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