Engine gaskets

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Nov 16, 2017
Haven't been able to find a engine gasket set for my 68 f motor, everywhere I've looked is sold out... does anyone have a lead on a set??
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Thanks for the referral Bram. I haven’t bougot any of those recently, but my gut tells me that if they have become hard to find I may regret selling one, since all my personal rigs are of the same vintage.
Yeah, the mid-F gasket kits are not available anywhere except some aftermarket brands that don't have good reputation. Been looking for oem for my 68-69 F145 for the past year. :rolleyes:
See if you can find some ishino stone aftermarket gaskets. They make the oem Toyota gaskets. I used them in my 80 series rebuild and they are identical to the Toyota gaskets. Not sure if the make them for the f engine but worth a shot.
When I rebuilt my f engine 15 years ago. I ordered my gaskets from spector off road. Not sure if they still sell them though.
Obviously, engine gasket sets should be at the top of the list for heritage reproduction.

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