Ehsan Top Finally ON

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Aug 26, 2007
Finally test fit the top, still need to install the footman loops and the side fasteners. Also need to address interference between spare tire carrier and passenger side buckles and zipper.
lc with top.jpg
Well, let me be the first, er second to say that it looks great!:beer: If it doesn't rain this weekend I'll install my 'lift the dot' fasteners. Congrats.
I was thinking about what you said about interference between the spare tire carrier and straps/zipper. You may need to move your spare out an inch or so because of the width of your tires. When I mounted my 33's I had to make an inch offset (out and up) so my spare would clear the latch. I just used 1" x 2" tubing.



These are just 33 x 9.5 x 15 BFGs but something similar may help. Again, your cruiser looks great.
very nice 5x, 6x?

I am thinking of the same for my fj40 when the mechanical work is done. Very nice look.

Does the material used require any treatments over time?
Nice top thanks for sharing.
Thank you for posting the picture.. I must say that you have an awesome vehicle right there. The top does look very good over it. Please post pictures of the spare tire issue as well.
Thanks for posting up
PS.. And I am glad someone spelled my name correctly. ;)
what tires/size do you have on the truck (not the spare)?
spare tire carrier interference

I am posting some pictures of my spare tire carrier interference. I cannot close the carrier fully as it mashes down on the buckles. I also fear I have screwed up, the footman loop on the right rear corner does not fit. Any suggestions? Probably have to ditch the OEM carrier - but I spent so much time on it.

The color is PPG 33109, lake silver poly per the PO. Tires are 32x10.5 TSL Super Swamper Radials.

Thanks for all the good words.
tire carrier 1.jpg
left side rear.jpg
right side rear.jpg
I'm going to look at mine, but I know I don't have any problem closing my carrier. I did need to mount the middle footman loop higher because of the hinge.
Thanks Alex. My thought was to put the middle footman loop above the hinge also, would like to see how your's looks. My carrier seems to have very little clearance to the rear doors (you can see how thin the bottom rubber stop is), if anyone has a picture of how yours is arranged, with the stops and such, that would be great.

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