Edelbrock Performance Head

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Oct 4, 2005
I would like to get more HP from my SBC. I just upgraded my exhaust and am looking for a little more power up hills - has anyone added Edelbrock heads? What gains have you seen? In the 5 year plan I am looking to put in a new crate or diesel - Is this upgarde worth the $500+?

I dont run a sbc in my cruiser, but i haveo one in my 62 chevy impala,

it has been a while since i research heads for a small block, but from what i can remember, you can get alot better heads for your money outside of edelbrock, check out ARP, or go to summitracing.com for any performance parts for a chevy block, just make sure what ever you choose will work with you intake setup, carbed or injected, and year of your block

but remember it's been a while, so i may be a little rusty
Your looking at more like $1,000 instead of $500 for Edelbrock heads. Nice upgrade, but can't say it's cost effective w/o knowing what year engine, which heads, cam, carb setup you currently have.
A bigger cam and more fuel delivery are more cost effective. But if you already got a high perf cam, big carb, and good exh, I guess heads would be the next step.

No diesel I can think of that fits in a 60 is going to give you more performance than a 350 gasser.
my buddys got vortec heads on a crate, and he's lovin it
I have a stock 94 350 tbi with 2.5 exhaust. I will look at my Summit catalog tonight. Thanks for the suggestions.
P.M. lehiguy here on mud, he's got a 300hp TBI cruiser
The Vortec head swap is the best bang for the buck as far as I can tell.
The possibilities are limited only by the width of your wallet. TBI can support up to 400 HP on a SBC with the right software/hardware. Stock TBIs have four problems; lame heads, lame intake, lame exhaust, lame cam. The plus side is that you already have it, its simple and it's stupid reliable. Vortec heads are readily available and are a massive improvement over what you have. They will require a new intake, but the one you have isn't that great anyway. A new cam would be required (cheap) along with those heads, and some decent pipes to get rid of the spent fumes. The stock Y pipe, if you have that still, is a performance disaster. You will likely need a larger throttle body as well. Stock is 42 mm or 450 cfm, not enough for real HP. RV Morse machine rebuilt and bored mine to 47mm which flows 600 CFM, more in the ball park for mild performance. Take at look at www.tbichips.com for some inspiration and usefull links. Brian is the brain behind that site and did the software for me when I went from carb to TBI last year. I can't say enough good about his services.
GM stock vortec heads are good... Dart Iron Eagle Heads would be in considerations too.. Best deal for the money are the vortec heads.

Before considering what heads to use.....you need to know what year model SBC you have..... The intakes bolt down different across these heads.. The vortec heads require its own style intake manifold, while the dart heads are the old school type. I think some of the vortec heads can be purchased with a dual intake bolt pattern (only read about it...have not seen it).

Pure old school...I would go with the iron eagle heads (check your intake for the bolt pattern).

If you want to buy heads and intake then vortec will still most likely be cheaper or close.. I think you can get two complete vortec heads for $500, and intake that matches for around $300?
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If you want to buy heads and intake then vortec will still most likely be cheaper or close.. I think you can get two complete vortec heads for $500, and intake that matches for around $300?[/QUOTE]

I think I paid $150 for an Edelbrock dual plane aluminum intake for my Vortecs. I made an adapter for the TBI, but they can be purchased. GM Performance Parts makes a Vortec to TBI manifold but it is spendy.

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