Driveshafts_Spring over

Mar 9, 2005
Hey guys i just finished doing a spring over on my fj-60 landcruiser and its working absolutly amazing..flex is great and it still drives awsome on the highways.I dont think i could be happyer with how it wiorked out..i went with the all pro hysteer set up and its handels awsome.But the last thing on my list is the drive shafts. I havent done anything to them besides lengthening the front and getting the crossmember notched...the back driveshaft has a preety severe angle but it still drives and 4x4s fine...anyways what should i be worried about happening to my drivehsftas?should i invest in a cv joint and if so where could i get one?I dont know to much about driveshafts so any info would be greatly appreciated. cheers!


Jan 5, 2004
Reno NV
huh? I didn't have to do that on mine the angle wasn't too bad. I just lengthened it and called it good.
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