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Aug 30, 2014
Colbert, Oklahoma
hi everybody- hope ya'lls L.C. are running sweet! I'm trying to locate a 78-87 distributor for 4.3 tbi on a 2f motor. I found one at parts geek, said for 85 fj40 or fj60. it's one that excludes Canada emissions, I think part # is 19100-d1. don't know what the d1 means. supposed to fit 81-87. they didn't have oem part # but pretty sure it's one with bigger cap. was going to modify it per Downey's instructions[have ignition module & coil-gm]. I think I need the thicker hold down clamp for it. would it be same as a USA w/o emissions dist.? think I will need to dent my inspection cover a little for it to fit. only had one compatible vehicle they said it would fit, which was a 1985 L.C. good price on it. the one vehicle fit has me wondering. does anyone know if this would work for me? don't want to order it wrong. as usual, real good to have someone there to ask these ?'s to, I appreciate it. Happy Trails!
Apr 27, 2008
Taos, New Mexico
I used a dented side cover from a 85 fj60 2f motor and the dizzy from the same fj60. my 40 runs like a raped ape after that up grade. well, the desmog and trollhole carb help too.....


Stop calling it a "FJ."
Feb 4, 2005
Seattle, USA
Hi all,

Mike, just find someone parting out a FJ60 and grab the distributor & engine side cover.

If you can't find one, contact TorFab <www.torfab.com> I'm sure they have these parts available.

FWIW, with the TBI on the 2F in my rig, I run the same distributor without modifications (but not wired to the TBI ECM either.)



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