Corbeau Baja JP or SS?

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Apr 21, 2011
Batesville, Arkansas
I know there are plenty of posts about aftermarket seats for our 40s but I have a specific question I haven't found the answer to by searching

I'm about to put the Overland Werks seat frame kit in my '67 40 and buy a set of Corbeau seats to go in it. I see that the Baja SS has vertical tabs on the seat bottoms while the Baja JP is essentially the same seat but flat on the bottom. Does anyone have experience with one over the other in an early rig like this? I've seen/sat in quite a few later model rigs with the SS seats but we all know they have a different factory seat mounting brackets. Looks like I'll also have to order the Corbeau sliders to go under them so I want to make sure all of this isn't going to be too tall.
I don’t know about those two seats but... I did buy a pair of there Moab seats for my wife’s jeep and I can tell you that the seats are pure rotten ass junk after just short of two years all the stitching tore apart ant the seats are just foam and frame now. I would not give a pair of there seats to my ex girlfriend
Thanks Steve

You have any pics of your setup?
Jay, if you click on the below pic I believe it will take you to all my Photobucket pics
You'll notice I custom welded in 1.5" flat bar to mount the seat tracks too ...


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