Coil Igniter issue?

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Dec 7, 2013
1980 FJ40, that I just recently grabbed and wanted to see if it would crank. Long story short It will not crank. When I have the key set to the "on state" I am only getting 6 volts to the coil/igniter. There is nothing else in this circuit. I have a wire coming into the key and a wire going out to the coil/igniter. The Igniter is making a high pitch whine, how else can I diagnose it as bad before replacing it?

When I try to crank the engine over with they key its not getting enough juice. If I remove the coil/igniter it cranks over with the key just fine.

Any suggestions? I would assume I need to fire the parts cannon but It could be a wiring issue at the coil/ignitor itself... who knows what the previous owner did. he said it ran when he parked it and that was probably like 10 years ago (PO was my dad)


A proton, eh? 😛
I believe it needs a good ground through the fender if mounted.
Have you tried cleaning up tje bracket and fender where it mounts?

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