SOLD CO: Mildly built + baselined 1996 FZJ80 - Red - 3x locked, lifted, ARB/OME, Altimeter (1 Viewer)

Jun 2, 2016
United States
Located in Fort Collins, CO - message or reply with any questions or inquiries.

**the truck has a 91-94 grill swapped, but I have the original; it is indeed a 1996**

I have put so, so much work and love into this truck, but great regret, I am selling my 1996 Land Cruiser. It's clean for it's age, free of all major rust, and runs and drives great. I've put over $8k into the truck, but I'm selling to save for buying a home. It has spent most of it's life in CO, and has zero major rust, just some minor surface imperfections as noted. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it cross country. It's been to Montana, Arizona, and ALL over Colorado without issue. It does has a few quirks and imperfections discussed later.

All work has less than 12k on it, and has been documented with dates, mileages, etc in an excel spreadsheet that will be provided to the buyer. 278k miles on the clock.

Price: $11,000


Cooper ATP (AT3) with <10k, 285/75r16
JDM hand throttle
2.5" OME springs (851/860)
Fox 2.0 IPF shocks
OME caster bushings
OME radius arm bushings
ARB winch bumper
Badland 12k winch
FJ80 grill swap
Bug deflector
Cloth seat swap (matching middle seats included)
3rd row seats included
5lb fire extingusher
Pioneer head unit
Polk DB651 front speakers
Pioneer 4" rear speakers
Steering wheel cover

Recent maintenance:

Rebuilt knuckles with 100% new seals, bearings
New passenger-side birfield
New charcoal canister
New belts
New plug
New wires
New cap
New rotor
New PCV valve
New PCV valve grommet
Replaced water pump elbow o-rings
New oil pump o-ring
New thermostat
New water pump
New radiator and radiator cap
New front brakes
New air, oil filters
New front brake lines
Replaced EGR solenoid
New t-case shifter boot
New front, rear, t-case gear oil
New intake tube
New hood struts
PHH replaced (before I owned it)
Burns no coolant whatsoever
Adjusted steering box so it handles crisp

Here's the list of minor issues:

Power steering whines when cold
Uses an acceptable amount of oil, which I have kept thorough records of while I've owned it. ~ 1qt/1000 miles
Minuscule oil leak (~1.5" dark spot after 2 weeks of sitting following 800 mile road trip)
Dent in hood
Dent in driver's door
Normal scratches here and there
Fading clear on roof
Cracked windshield along the bottom (can replace this for the right price)
Minor exhaust leak at y-pipe
I repaired a small dent below the passenger corner light. It's hard to see since the ARB hides most of it.
"D" bulb is burned out, but I can replace for the right price

Send my a message on here and I will get back to you ASAP.




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Jun 2, 2016
I forgot to mention that this truck includes a JDM sub-tank/altimeter roof console. It's wired and ready for a sub-tank... I planned to install the rest of the tank originally and got as far as installing the overhead console. The altimeter works and is a nifty addition.

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