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  1. A

    For Sale Davis, California. 97 FZJ80 Fully Locked, salvage title

    $6800 obo, currently best offer is $6500 but not sold until a meeting date is set and title is transfered. I will take this posting down promptly after sale. Looking on selling my 1997 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ80 triple locked. Front center and rear oem lockers. Truck does hold a salvage title...
  2. M

    For Sale 1996 Lexus Lx450 Triple Locked

    Less than 182,000 miles. Raptor liner paint job. Several maintenence things done including a brand new pen power steering pump. New spark plugs and wires new distributor and rotor new pcv valve new oil pump seal new belts new air filter and oil done less than 1000 miles ago. Tires and battery...
  3. R

    For Sale SOLD 93 Fj80 Lifted Locked on 35s

    SOLD!!! Hello everyone, Here is my 1993 FJ80 with triple lockers, OEM 3" lift and K02 35s. Tires have lots of life left. Lockers are working perfectly Engine still pulls fine Great suspension. AC needs work, we nailed down to a compressor Reverse lights need some work. The dash is cracked...
  4. Sherif Eldibani

    For Sale 1991 HDJ81 55K miles Locked, Winch , Clean, Registered

    (Duplicated) Year 1991 Pictures: 88,000 KM - about 55K or 56K miles. OEM Differential Locks Front and Rear. Some Body issues - Minor cosmetic scratches and damage to front OEM bumper, & left side Mirror. Very Good Condition In and Out Great & Clean...
  5. HDJake81

    For Sale 1991 HDJ-81 VX United States Arkansas

    Any die hard Cruiser enthusiasts hunting for a pristine 1991 HDJ-81 RIGHT HAND DRIVE VX with the stout 1 HDT Toyota turbo diesel? Hunt no more! Why go through the hassle and swap a 4BT in your Cruiser when you can have a Toyota 1HDT? 27,000 USD 94500 miles 5 speed, triple locked, 3 inch OME...
  6. anothernord

    SOLD CO: Mildly built + baselined 1996 FZJ80 - Red - 3x locked, lifted, ARB/OME, Altimeter

    Located in Fort Collins, CO - message or reply with any questions or inquiries. **the truck has a 91-94 grill swapped, but I have the original; it is indeed a 1996** I have put so, so much work and love into this truck, but great regret, I am selling my 1996 Land Cruiser. It's clean for it's...
  7. popstar

    Seriously Impressive 80 Series Build!

    I found this and had to share it with you guys. I think many of you will really appreciate the level of detail in this guy's "build" Moderators, I apologize if this is not in the correct section.
  8. Barbarosa

    SOLD CO- factory triple locked 94

    Price drop- prefer it stays in mud community Selling my factory triple locked 1994 Land Cruiser that has always been in Colorado. 236800 miles on Odom. It has a salvage title as it was stolen once, insurance paid claim, then was recovered. Selling this green beast as I am picking up one with...
  9. theQuaz

    For Sale 1997 triple locked mild build $10,500

    Not affiliated Used Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale - CarGurus
  10. Cruisertown

    For Sale Triple locked 97 FZJ80 in Oregon, 179k

    This is killing me, but I am going to put my 80 up for sale and look for a pickup. Located in Bend, Oregon. I'm looking for $12,500. Here are the details, please ask if you have any questions: - 1997 with factory front, rear and center diff lockers - 179,410 miles - Extensive service records...
  11. P

    For Sale 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser in Poolesville Maryland

    1994 Toyota Land Cruiser. 137,000 miles. Vehicle is triple locked. ARB front bumper with Warn 9000 pound winch. ARB snorkel. Kaymar rear bumper. ARB diff breather relocation installed. Head gasket done by IPOR about 5,000 miles ago. Front axle just serviced. New cooling system (all...
  12. R

    For Sale 1993 triple locked FZJ80 SoCal

    So I started building this for my dad and he decided he doesn't want it. Now I have 2 FZJ80s and a 1st gen 4runner. Too many trucks and not enough space. I'm in Placentia, CA (92870). Here is the good: 196k miles, motor runs strong. Car has always been in southern california so no rust...
  13. theQuaz

    craigslist $14k 94 triple locked NorCal

    Not mine. Seems legit - current owner has already put a bit of work into it. A bit expensive but has a lot of things I'd want to do anyways. Thoughts? 94 Land Cruiser w/ E-lockers , lifted
  14. NLScooby

    For Sale 1991 HDJ81 Triple Locked - New Mild Build - Charlotte,NC

    ****SOLD - SOLD - SOLD**** 1991 HDJ81 Land Cruiser Limited VX (172K miles) PRICE: $ 22,850.00 Located in Charlotte (area), NC. Well, it pains me to offer this up for sale considering the amount of time it took me to find one and get it ready to go out on trips…but we picked up a new...
  15. F

    For Sale 1994 triple locked FZJ80 Memphis TN

    Hello Mudders, My family has recently grown, and the FZJ coffers have run dry so it's time to part with my work in progress. I figured I'd list it here first to make sure it goes to a good home. I have a 1994 fzj80 with 183939 on the odometer. I am the second owner, and bought it from a...
  16. Kiwi Digger

    Locked HDJ80 from New Zealand

    Hi I'm Jeremy I'm an excavator operator from New Zealand here to show you guys my 80 series cruiser. I bought this truck about a year ago already built for a fairly good price. The previous owner has done an excellent job on the truck so my plan is to fix up some minor issues and change a few...
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