Clutch issue

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Nov 12, 2006
Lake Tapps, Washington
my 6o wants to lurch forward if started in gear even with clutch disengaged. Any suggestions? or has anyone else ever seen this?
Check you slave cylinder fluid level. If it's empty you will have to bleed the line after you fill it. The bleeder is on the part that mounts to the bell housing on the passenger side.

If thats not it, take off the inspection cover and have someone push the clutch pedal in and see if anything is moving.
yeah, i did an engine swap and after it was all together this is what i get. the clutch is pretty new and its installed correctly. the fluid in the reservoir seems descently full.
maybe it isnt adjusted to the right spot?
I would check the slave for leekage. Then bleed it (again). Also worth checking the slave master cylinder. Did it sit for a long time w/o fuild in it? Just a thought.
X2 on rechecking your clutch adjustment.
Yeah the rig sat for about a year and a half but i think it did have fluid in it.
So you can make adjustments on the master cylinder on an 86?
I mean the slave cylinder.:rolleyes:

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