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Jan 11, 2005
Memphis TN
The Center Dif lock light has not been coming on in my 94 cruiser. Today I jumped the switch and the light came on so I suspect that I have a bad CDL switch. I know where it is and have found the part # that I need to get from CDan but I have not been able to get the old switch off of the transfer case. If anyone knows of an easy way to get at it I sure would appreciate the heads up.
Thanks a lot.

Toby :cheers:
May 26, 2005
The 'switch' you refer to, if it's on the transfer case next to the diff lock motor, it's probably the position indicator. It is supposed to light the dash indicator only when the diff lock is actually engaged, not just when there is power to the locker. Jumping it would light the indicator. Are you sure the locker itself is working? Do you hear the motor engage when you put the transfer case in 4 low? I only ask this because I have a similar problem which I'm troubleshooting, and would hate to see you spend money on a part you don't need. When you do get the switch out, test it by simply pushing the end in and have someone tell you if the indicator lights. Actually, it may light just by removing the switch, I think it's normally pushed and let out when the locker engages.


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