carb adjustment for 84 fj60

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Dec 28, 2003
I have an 84 fj60 and last year it failed emissions, so i took it to a carb shop. They got it pass by rejetting it, but it has run like crap ever since.

I want to adjust the carb myself, and have done this in the past, but i can not get it perfectly tuned. Any suggestions?
I went through numerous emissions tests, failures and diagnostic work on my 84FJ60 after the engine rebuild. I tried smaller jets and had a crummy running engine - mostly dead spots and hesitation. After testing and repairing nearly every piece of emissions hardware, I sent the carb off to Jim C for a professional rebuild. Stock jets (Denver 5000 ft) can work just fine if everything else is funtional. We have the RM240 dynometer test for vehicles '82 and newer. There is no bluffing on this test. If there is something wrong with your engine or emissions controls, the test will catch it. Unfortunately, the test doesn't localize the problem very well. I think the smaller jets in your carb are masking another problem - probably a flaky air injection system. The Aisin carb really has few "adjustemnts." There is the idle mixture but that doesn't impact overall driveability unless its really screwed up. Get a copy of the Toyota emissions book to make sure all the aux emissions systems are plumbed correctly and are functional. The Toyota 2F book has the set up porcedure for the carb. Lots of special service tools if you really want to do it right. I had my carb apart twice and couldn't find anything wrong with it. The $300 I spent on the pro rebuild was well spent. It runs great and has really low emissions numbers for a carburated engine.

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