Cam Sensor Wiring Caught in Pulleys | Lesson learned

Nov 5, 2018
This was nuts. Started noticing my battery gauge jumping when starting the truck. Lights flickering etc... Something wasn't grounded right...

A drive around town had a loss of acceleration going from 2 to 3...

Sure as 💩 , found my cam sensor loom/wire torn to shreds in between the pulleys (1st pic after I pulled it up).
This sensor was running from the back of the block, over the block and down the front.

Found some 18 gauge primary wire at NAPA. Soldered and heat shrink wrapped the connections. Got some new loom and there we go, good as new.
AND ziptied this sucker down real good in front of the block!

I'm guessing the cam was just running in limp mode when this was torn? Crazy that nothing worse came of this that I know of.



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