1. D


    Alright. So as things have been getting hotter Ive been running into some starting issues. Trying to fix this I bought a new battery. Replaced the alternator. Thinking the battery wasnt charged up enough to get a proper start. Following these fixes though it seems like it has more difficulty...
  2. B

    BJ40 Wiring Harness Diagram

    Looking for some help with the installation of a new wiring harness (Kwik-Wire) for my 1979 BJ40. Does anyone out there have a wiring diagram for an FJ or BJ? Thanks in advance!
  3. P

    Dome light fuse

    The dome light fuse was blowing when I put it in. I recently found that the moonroof plug in the left kick panel had separated. I now find that the dome light fuse is fine as long as the moonroof plug is separated. Once I plug in the moonroof the dome fuse blows immediately. The blue/yellow...
  4. Grantskys17

    What is this port by drivers side feet area

    Hi all! I’m new to ih8mud so I’m sorry if this is the wrong area to ask. I have a 96’ FZJ80 and saw this open electrical port by the driver side area. I’m just wondering if anyone could tell me what it is for! Thanks!
  5. T

    Fj40 losing power

    Hey everybody, I'm having an electrical issue with my 1977 fj40 Landcruiser, and I am completely lost on what to do and was looking for some guidance/ advice. It seems to be the voltage regulator, but after testing two new ones and also the original one, it is still losing power. After driving...
  6. Chachi254

    FIXED!! High-pressure fuel pump circuit won't activate on it's own - installed manual high-pressure circuit switch

    — Thanks to @satchel , this has finally been fixed! Hey Mudders, Revisiting this issue a year later. I'm having an intermittent high-speed fuel pump circuit break that I need advice with. I had posted about this a while ago in another thread before I realized the issue was related to an...
  7. Karl Andersson

    Low voltage at idle - goes up when giving it gas

    Hello, I am experiencing a strange electrical issue. 1997 LX450. Recently hard wired a dash cam to the fuse box. At idle, I am reading steady 11.7V and my hard wired dash cam shuts off. When I give it some gas, the voltage rises up to 14V and the dash cam turns back on but then immediately...
  8. Brian McDermott

    Bad Ground/exterior lighting issues?

    My 97 FJ80 continues to blow the fuses for the turn signals, running lights, and brake lights. Head lights and flashers work. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? I’m assuming it’s a bad Ground and was wondering what/where the most likely culprit could be. Thanks for the help.
  9. jltemlock

    Transmission Wiring Harness Part Number?

    Hi Everyone: I was changing the solenoids on my FJ80's tranny this weekend because she was not starting in 1st gear and shifting at speed. Once I took the solenoids out, i realized two of the wires on the harness connecting to the solenoids were severed. Probably the cause of the problem, I'd...
  10. Nathan King

    Trade  Flexible Solar Panel Florida / USA

    My wife got me this solar panel but I don’t really need it. So she gave me permission to sell or trade it for something I do need. Look it up on Amazon. It’s worth almost $700. I’m asking $500 or trade me for something that I need. Look at my list of needed items below Specs: Xera Solar...
  11. Chachi254

    RPM’s rise significantly after turning headlights on

    Hi everyone, Today, while on the interstate, I was cruising along at 65-70mph and my RPMs were hovering around 2500-2600 or so. It started to get darker so I turned on my headlights and my RPMs immediately jumped up 200-300. I then turned off my headlights to see if my RPM’s would drop, and...
  12. marsh

    Very Special FJ60 headlights woes

    Here is one for all the sparkies! The situation is I currently have no low beams on either side (0 volts at connector), and high beams rights side only (~5 volts left, ~11 volts right). When high beams are selected the high beam indicator does not turn on. Combination switch contacts are...
  13. MrCWineMan

    Dual battery help!

    So here's the deal, I've been reading for like three days straight about varied dual battery set ups on 200's, and other cars, on Mud, expedition portal, anywhere really, and like I used to say in the coaching world, I'm suffering from paralysis by analysis. So here is my particular set of...
  14. G

    wiper motor wire identification

    I have been trying to figure out why my wipers aren't turning off, and I think I might have found the culprit. There are 2 wires that look like ground wires on my wiper motor mount plate. The one that is supposed to go through the firewall is stripped/cut/dangling now. Does anybody know where...
  15. creehad

    For Sale  1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual - TX

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual -Used but in good condition. -All pages accounted for, none torn or ripped. -Located in Amarillo, TX 79119 -Local pickup or happily shipped $125
  16. pengfinn

    Clock works; however dome lights and radio do not.

    Hey mud, long time lurker here. So I recently picked up a '91 80-series with >350k on the dash and need some assistance troubleshooting an electric issue. So my clock works, but the dome light and the radio does not. I've checked all fuses (dome, radio, cig) and all of them are good. Pulling...
  17. Jcreme

    Trans ECU Help?

    Hi guys! Does anyone know where the wiring harness for the A442F ECU is grounded? Does anyone know the correct way to measure inspect the voltages of the trans ECU? So I have what seems like solenoid trouble. I am following the troubleshooting guide in the tech manual (this seemed like a...
  18. S

    Any pointers to fix stock 4-pin trailer hitch wiring?

    My stock trailer hitch 4-pin wiring isn't breathing any life. Per some of the old posts on mud the fuse of the trailer hitch is connected to the rear tail lamp assembly - the fuses are fine and all the rear taillights work wtihout any problems. Appreciate any pointers on how I can get the...
  19. RedComet

    92 FJ80 - Dead Battery Mystery

    Ok, I have a good one for you guys. So we've noticed that our '92 Cruiser's battery seems to die at near random points. It originally died after we brought it home from the PO which was a long drive in the rain. (Wipers, lights, heat all on) So we thought alternator. We've checked and...
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