C-clip eliminator

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Oct 18, 2006
T-ville NC
I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a c clip eliminator kit for the cruiser axle and also do they make chromoly rear shaft bc I just shattered one with a stock motor in the middle of no where and I do not want this to happen again.
I don't think anyone makes a c-clip eliminator kit for the cruisers?

poly performance sells 4340 rear shafts

Hey Brendan, here's your market :hmm: :D
Well I was pretty sure that there was somebody that made the axles but I am having trouble finding the elimintor kit. Plus I am trying to find out what is the better of axles since longfield does not make any.
I think front range off road makes a full float kit. that will rid you of the c-clips.
I think front range off road makes a full float kit. that will rid you of the c-clips.

And introduce you to the wonderful world of broken wheel bearing hub studs and dowels, along with axles.
Front range does not make them that is not not a eliminator kit
The eliminator kits that I have saw for other axles are a press on bearing that bolts on to the axle housing somehow and that is what hold the axle in. So this does away with the stupid c clip that lets the whole wheel and everything fall out when you break a axle or a c clip breaks
ok, like the other semi floats that are held in at the ends not by c-clips. i would think you would need different axle shafts as the bearing assebmly and retainer plate would protrude out past where the stock bearing sits. just a guess. dont think this is made for a cruiser sf, put i think some of the mini truck axles might use this.

I think it may be easier to get the poly performance rear axles, and then you have stock for spares. I have them in the back with 4.88's and an aussie. work good so far but i haven't got to 4x4 much yet as ive been working on it lately.
I have wondered about some type of c-clip kit aslo. I remember when I lived in Austin,Tx a few years ago and a guy named Hunter Aaren (i think or maybe Aarand or Aarend anyway) had a SOA blue 60 and as he was doing a hill climb a c-clip failed and down the hill he went (backwards of coarse) and then rolled the sucker..There was a video floating around but not sure where it went to.
For those of you that are wondering what a c-clip eliminator kit is. Moser Engineering Very popular in Chevy circles since their muscle car axles are all c-clip.
Why the hole deal with C-clips .. I thought they are a great thing ( unless you have a FF sure .. ) I never have a issue with C-clips in my Tencha .. and yes I broke an axle, on the end of the splines, nothing related with c-clips ..

Are 'em that bad . ?
Well when the c clip breaks the axle falls out just as if the axle breaks. I am just trying to fix all my weak links like I said and I am trying to get away with the clip I guess it is just going to make me mad enough that I will prob just end up putting rockwells in or something.

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