Buncha '86 FJ60 Parts at 30161

Hugh Heifer

Chasing the Beast
May 10, 2006
Rome, GA
'86 FJ60 Parts at 30161 Updated on 12/01


Parted a silver 1986 FJ60. This is all that is left.

I am willing to ship anything on your dime. If it is big, give me time to crate it and get it quoted. If you want to try Mud Ship, that is on you. 30161 is one hour south of Chattanooga, TN and 1 hour north of Atlanta, GA and I make frequent trips to both.


Set of headliner bows with the plastic clips $5

Hatch Lever and screw $5

Rear Driver's Side Door Hinges $5

Rear Driver's Door Latch $5

Rear Driver's Door Stop $5

Clutch Master Cylinder $10

Windshield Sprayers $5

Rear Fuel Separator $5

THAT'S IT. Nothing ELSE. NADA Nothing. Don't ask. If it isn't here I don't have it!
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Hugh Heifer

Chasing the Beast
May 10, 2006
Rome, GA
I will give a good discount on the prices I have listed to folks who want more then a couple items!
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Hugh Heifer

Chasing the Beast
May 10, 2006
Rome, GA
Sold Stuff

Glove Box with light socket $10 SOLD
Front exhaust section $15 SOLD
Rear door strikers (I have 4) $4 SOLD
Front Sway Bar $10 SOLD
$25 each for the driver's, front passenger's, and rear passenger's (These are shells only. No glass and no regulators and no hardware in the driver's door. Catches and latches still in the passenger side.) ALL SOLD!
Hood $50 SOLD!
Steering Column Switches $10 SOLD
Hood Springs $5 SOLD
Front U-Bolts w/nuts $5 for the set SOLD
Rear U Bolts and nuts $5 for the set SOLD
Ignition Switch - Lock not included - $10 SOLD
Front rear spring pins $5 SOLD

Speedo Cable $7 SOLD
Door Handle Bezel $3 SOLD
Rear Heater Lines $10 SOLD
Carb Blower and Duct $10 SOLD
AC Compressor $20 SOLD
Charcoal Filter Unit $10 SOLD
Headlight Squirter Pump $5 SOLD

Knee protectors $5 (They go under the dash to save you from sharp edges on either side) SOLD

Front Sway Bar Mounts $5 -- SOLD
Tranny Mount $10 - SOLD
Exhaust Mounts $10 - SOLD
Courtesy Handle $2 SOLD

2 Dash vents $5 each SOLD
Steering Damper $5 SOLD
Drag Link w/o ends $10 SOLD
Drag link long end (no boot) $10 SOLD

Rear hub caps $15 for the pair SOLD
Front hub caps $20 SOLD
Driver's side rear roof support vent $5 SOLD
Passenger Side Roof Support Vent $5 SOLD
Lift gate lock/latch SOLD
Sunvisor clips $10 for the pair SOLD
Rearview mirror SOLD
Right front marker lense SOLD
Door handle trim Sold
Padded door pulls $5 each or $12 for all three SOLD
Passenger side front floor mat $2 SOLD
Passenger side and driver's side rear glass with rubber and chrome $15 each side $25 for both SOLD
Right and left front kick panels SOLD
Fuel Tank Straps SOLD
A/C condensor - the threads on the conectors on this are all stripped gone to junk yard
Dash and hardware gone to the junk yard
Dash Dimmer Switch SOLD
Washer bottle SOLD
Tranny hump SOLD
Shifter (No pattern on the knob) SOLD
Passenger side mirror SOLD
Heater by-pass valve SOLD
Smog Pump SOLD
Wiper Controller SOLD
Window cranks SOLD
Heater/AC control panel SOLD
Rear wiper arm SOLD
Door threshold SOLD
Smog junk $50 for all of it SOLD
Steering joint cover SOLD
Wiper motor with linkage SOLD
Rear Heater Sold
Receiver Drier Sold
Hood Release cable SOLD
AC lines SOLD
Gauge cluster SOLD
Center console SOLD
Dash switch blanks SOLD
Rear Wiper switch SOLD
Front seat belts - GONE
Dash center piece with a cigarette lighter, ashtray and storage box (top of the bezel is cracked but could be super glued) SOLD
Rear seat hold down SOLD
Rear wiper motor SOLD
Set of three rear seat belts SOLD
Rear floor mat $5 SOLD
Set of door panels SOLD
Rear 4wd Emblem $10 SOLD
Set of rear tailgate hardware. Lock, mechanism, 3 covers with screws and plastic nuts and braces with springs intact SOLD
Front seats - SOLD
Front Wiper Arms SOLD
Bad pic but there is the the transmission shifter boot - it is perfect and the bottom outer boot is intact $20 SOLD
Transfer shifter boot - again perfect shape with the outer lower boot intact $20 SOLD
Rear tailgate carpet strip SOLD
Pair of upper lift gate hinges $5 for the set with hardware SOLD
Pair of tail gate hinges SOLD
Lift gate access panels SOLD
Fan cowling SOLD
Rear seat latches and hardware Rear lift gate hardware $5 for both sides (above is just the left) ALL SOLD
Set of rear plastic trim $10 for the set SOLD
Driver's side tail light - perfect Toyota- SOLD
Steering Column Mount $10 SOLD
Front Splash Guard SOLD
Skid plate SOLD
Wiper caps $2 each SOLD
Emergency Brake Handle SOLD
Radiator overflow tank SOLD
Cooling Fan Relay $5 SOLD
Gas Pedal and linkage $5 SOLD
Emission Control Box $5 SOLD
Passenger side tail light, no lense screws and plastic nuts $5 SOLD
Wiring harnes $20 SOLD
Stop Light Switch $5 SOLD
Left front fender side vent $5 SOLD
Relay Cleaner $5 SOLD
Charge Lamp Relay $5 SOLD
Driver's Side Vent Drain $5 SOLD
Under dash air duct $2 each or $10 for all SOLD
Hood Hinges $5 SOLD

Seat belt Warning Box $5 SOLD
Break Away Tilt Column - Recycled
Pair of Front Springs Shipping included UPS Ground to Lower 48 - Recycled
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Feb 19, 2003
Kansas city MO
I'll take the 4wd emblem and a visor clip (the plastic c shaped thingy) if you still have them. pls pm with cost + shipping to 64131

Thanks Rob

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