Brake lights not working (1966 Pre 1972 loom)

Jan 24, 2021
Southern Arizona
The solution was to take the whole fuse box out of the vehicle, clean it really well, and reinstall. Like magic it/they are working again. I received some great advice from one of the Land Cruiser legends here in Southern AZ.
Thanks to everyone who had ideas on how to fix. Now on to the next challenge

My Brake lights stopped working. Running lights work fine.
This started with one brake light out. I replaced bulb pressed on brake pedal to verify that it worked. It did. Then I pressed brake pedal again and both did not work anymore.
What I have done this far.
Checked the fuses: Good
Checked the bulbs: Good
Checked continuity of both wires G and GW: Good
Checked pedal switch behind instrument cluster: Good
Checked voltage at rear combination light bucket: None with pedal depressed
Disconnected Brake (GW) and running light (G) wires from rear combination light bucket. Good 12 Volts to both with pedal depressed
Removed both light buckets and ensured good grounding wire and ground to frame.
Checked continuity on both G and GW wires going into rear combination bucket and housing: Good

When I connect the wire from the switch to the combination rear tail light voltage drops to ZERO. Disconnect the wire and 12 Volts again.

I even ran a separate wire from pedal switch to rear combination light to bypass the current GW and have the same result. Volts drop to zero.

EDIT- ***In tracing wires I see that the GW is bypassing the turn signal block.

I'm pretty much out of ideas at this point.

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Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
do the turn signals work?
for some reason I was thinking the power ran from the brake switch thru the turn signal switch

good 12V but no amps? to the rear lights

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