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  1. jwcross611

    Wanted WTB Rear Passenger Inside Tail Light for LC 100 Series

    Hey y’all- WTB Rear Passenger Inside Tail Light for LC 100 Series. Preferably OEM (doesn’t have to be) but style does need to match OEM ‘99 (meaning non-LED). Let me know if you have one!
  2. Josh Grewe

    Wanted Door handle pads and tail light lens gaskets 1976 FJ-55

    Looking to buy decent condition Door Handle Pads/Gasket (or whatever you call em) and Tail Light Gaskets for my 76 pig. Also looking for a working fan for the rear heater.
  3. NavyDiver82


    I busted out my rear PS Depo smoked tail light if anyone has one laying around? Thanks in advance!
  4. T

    Wanted FJZ80tail light brush guards

    Hello, I’m looking to buy some tail light brush guards for my 95 Land Cruiser. Would appreciate any help! Thanks! Feel free to text or call. Sincerely, Chris 980 229 6209
  5. Matchu

    For Sale 1998-2002 LX470 Tail Lights

    Hi, Selling my tail lights that are in great condition. I have the driver side corner tail light that connects to the body and both lights that mount on the tail gate. $45 each + shipping or $120 + shipping for all 3 pieces.
  6. ecoast

    95 brake light / tail light issue...

    Just picked up a clean 95 80 series; has a couple electrical issues... key off- all 3 brake lights dim, two rear sidemarkers illuminated 5-6 volts at tail light fuse (???) disconnect 2 plugs in jack area- no change step on brake pedal -no change operate headlight switch thru range - no...
  7. robstercraw

    Wanted Passenger tail light FJ60 needed TODAY in phoenix

    Hi - title says it all. I need a passenger tail light TODAY in Phoenix. I have one coming but it was delayed and I’m heading out of town tomorrow morning. Either the lens or full assembly will work. If you’re willing to swap with the new one I’m getting I’ll make it worth your while. Thank you!
  8. Chachi254

    Dash-lights turn on when I press the brake, Cruise-Control doesn't work with headlights on

    Hi everyone, I've seen a few different posts on here for random interior lights/headlight/taillight/cruise control issues so I figured I'd post here to get all the answers on one post. Issue #1: Cruise Control immediately cancels when turning ON blinker (left-blinker, in my case) Issue...
  9. robstercraw

    Wanted FJ60 Passenger side tail light

    Hi there - need a tail light (lens plus assembly) for my 87 FJ60. Please let me know what you have. Also looking for a rear bumper. I posted a while ago but became sidetracked with a flooded house and redoing that. Back on track now. Thanks!
  10. robstercraw

    Wanted WTB: FJ 60 right tail light and rear bumper

    Looking to buy a right taillight and a rear bumper for an 87 fj60. In the Phoenix area but also willing to pay for shipping. Thanks!
  11. dbcknghm

    Rear running lights out

    Tried a look around and can not find the problem with my non working rear running lights...... all else works well... front marker, turn signals, brake lights, interiors, bulbs n sockets r good, grounds that I can find seem good..... when I turn on the running lights there is a slight (30% ish)...
  12. djzimms

    For Sale LX450/Land Cruiser Tail Lights - Scratch & Dent - get for cheap!

    I have both a left and a right tail light for 80 series. The left DS one is hardly even noticeable as cracked. I actually think it's more of a scratch than a crack, but, don't believe any water can get inside. The right PS one has a small hole in it, less than an inch. It's currently covered...
  13. DeeRex

    For Sale Tail lights from '91 FJ80 - NC - $80 with free ship

    Hey all - I have a set of tail lights from a '91 FJ80. Both rears - does not include lamp or pigtail. Need washing, but are otherwise sound. $80 for both and will ship free within cont.US.
  14. Spike Strip

    Another Early Tail Light Question - 1968 FJ40

    New to me, April/May 1968 FJ40, according to the VIN FJ4057032 Trying to sort through a few things as I'm not at all familiar with very early 40s. Are these the correct tail lights/brackets? Also, were there reflectors next to the lens, on the bumpers? Web pix are all over the place.
  15. pardion

    For Sale FJ40 Tail Light Shields Camino, Ca.

    A pair of 73-78/40 shields, straight but need cleaning and paint. $65.00 shipped Thanks, John
  16. lt1fire

    LED ebay tail light issue

    All of my tail lights on my new to me 100 were cracked so I got some of the ebay tail lights since the ones that were on my 80 were pretty good. They fit and look good, although i'm going to smoke the lenses a bit. Only iss is the tail gate lights don't come on when the lights are turned on...
  17. MMTB

    Wanted FJ55 Tail light Seals - NOS or New Repros

    Please contact me if you have a pair of NOS (or very good reproduction) rubber seals for the early 70's style FJ55 tail lights. Slocruisers are out of stock :( Thanks
  18. jerryb

    I think I fried the fog light and tail light relays

    It seems like that's the case. I don't have fog, license plate lights or tail lights. But all other lights work. I think this happened when I accidentally fired up new headlights with a new dual relay harness without the ground wire attached to the battery. I know it's stupid, I've done it...
  19. jerryb

    tail light fuse blowing after HID install. STUCK

    Went to leave for florida and got pulled over, no tail lights. Fuse blown and replaced with new, it pops instantly with headlight switch activation. I removed all six rear bulbs, and fuse still blows at switch activation. I thought at first it was me working on the back hatch as I was wet...
  20. D

    tail light guards

    There's no OEM or aftermarket tail light guards for a FZJ80 to be had anymore or at least I cant find them if there is. Does anyone have a picture or specs for the the tail light guards so that I might make my own. There's a place in the UK selling something similar Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon...
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