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May 15, 2005
So I got this BJ74 in a trading deal. It was converted to LHD by the owner previous to the guy I got
it from. So I had a little more interest in it. The insurance company wrote it off, so I've sorted out a
bunch of little things. The big thing is the completely destroyed LH side. It had been rolled into a ditch
last winter. By the scrapes and dents, I'm thinking it was very far over on its side.
I ordered the replacement fender from Toyota in Japan. Barry up in Armstrong had it shipped with 2 front fenders and
the taillight bucket piece in a container within a vehicle. This made for savings in shipping. The taillight bucket is on the table there beside the Blaircutters spot weld drill bits.
So I got to work on the top rail first, it's the simplest place to start for me anyhow. I initially used a spring loaded center punch.
If you've ever used one of these spot weld bits, they are a bit of a pain in the ass as they can catch the hard weld under and sort of spiral
all over. It looks weird cause from here the metal is all new and in great shape. Oh well, this is the last of the good stuff. It gets ugly in a bit.
After this I loaded a nice high quality bit into my other drill and started by center drilling a starting hole that is a bit more effective.
The Blair bit uses a center plunger bit that recesses and floats on a spring. The bit they supply is more of a guide, not a drill bit. But it
seems a bit weak.
I had a bit of a hassle cutting the spot weld at the rear on top. I couldn't get a even small cutting wheel in there.
So I came up with a spot drill idea, just a series of small drills in a line. Toyota seems to have used a braze here, you
can see the bronze lustre. Its a complex curve, so after a bit I got the weld softened enough to be able to pry the last bit

I have an MGB GT that I may never finish. The Blair hole cutters work well, though sometimes the teeth catch and snap off. I too drilled holes for the cutter's pilot pin.
I have recently begun to buy cutters made by Hougen. Maybe Blair and Hougen are the same company.

RotaCut Sheet Metal Hole Cutters

Center Drill Countersink Set 5 Pc
Those RotaCut are the same thing I would expect. I'm surprised at how fast they wear out, and I don't
think I can sharpen them. I went through 3 bits on this job. The are effective though.
My Rigid 18V drill isn't as long lasting as I'd have thought, but don't normally use it until it's almost too
hot to touch.
Here is some of the rust, thank you previous owners for not providing any rust protection for your truck!
Its not that hard people, these rockers are going to be a pain in the ass to rebuild.
I will be welding in a cross brace or something. The B and C pillars were pushed in when it rolled. But actually not by much. The structure of this truck is quite amazing, there are of course many layer of stamped metal but Toyota seems to have it less is more. This truck was not taken care of rust protection wise, but the metal is good to work with.
I have another BJ74 out back waiting on a transmission rebuild so I have a template, damn handy! Well, how else would I want to
spend a long weekend after sitting in a condo in Hawaii for over a month!!
Again for my MGB I welded in cross bracing in the door openings.
As you wrote, you have the luxury of measuring off an undisturbed BJ74.

I have filed/sharpened the cutting edges of the Rotabroaches; later I just bought a bunch.
I will try to sharpen them, but I bought a kit of 3 for $40! Ouch!
I have a friend with a BJ74 as well, good to have templates/parts trucks at hand, LOL.

Today I've been cleaning up, removing all the rust bits. It will be all day, and most of tomorrow scabbing
these all together and fitting repair pieces. Not more than expected; makes me ponder the other side of
Wow, MAJOR score on the OEM quarter panel. Everybody else ends up making patch pieces in the field.
FYI, 74 panels no longer available, but my research indicated 73 series are the same and available.
I do have a bunch of fender flare holes to plug, but I did a mock up today - perfect fit!
I'm quite happy with this.
My take on using a new panel for hundreds of dollars as opposed to patching is all this under panel rust
repair would not get fixed, and a whole bunch of good money is wasted half-assing it. I'll do my best to fix it properly
I agree with your use of new, correct panels. My reasoning is that As an amateur, I will make mistakes; no need to add to inaccuracies by my ham-handed attempts to make patches. I have no problem putting my weak fabbing skills to work on an area that is not so visible, like inner fender/ wheel well rust holes.

I bought cutters in batches without the arbor. One of the Hougen arbors has a spring loaded pin for a center, not a twist drill.
Going prices here for 5/16" diam range from 9-12 USD.
So I cut the bottom of internal bracing and did something that only modern technology can bring. Photo of internal rocker box using the top corner of iPad, backed up with a mini LED headlamp. Not as bad rust wise as I imagined, so I'm gonna brush it out and hit it with some rust paint, then when all done I'll spray a proper rust coating in there with the stutz gun.
What do you use as a final spray coating?

When I get home in 2 weeks I'm gonna spray some cavity wax in there.
Nice work so far! I think these spot weld drills are all made by the same place. Mine is from Eastwood, and looks identical, and by the sounds of it, performs identically.. I also start with a drill bit. Eastwood carries the replacement tips in a 3 pack.

Inner rockers are not that bad to fabricate, check out my saving the silver 70 thread in my signature - your rust isn't that bad!!!! And, yes, it's all about the layers!
I will check your thread. I did get the bits in a 3 pack. I'm done with them now I think. I tried to attach a photo from ipad
in the shop but the wifi too weak there. I'll add some pics in a bit. I've got to the make bits now stage. I bought a sheet
of 18 ga, and some .023 wire today, and of course, D'oh, forgot to get .023 tips. So after I see doctor tomorrow I'll
grab them.

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