Aux fuse panel locations in cab?

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Jan 23, 2012
Everett, Wa
Working on my 24v to 12 v step down in my BJ73 and looking for ideas on where people put their aux fuse panels. There is a nice section in the passenger kick panel (LHD) but its occupied by the 24v wiper control. I was messing around with it last night and looks like the wiper control can be relocated enough to mount a 6-fuse panel below it. Looking for ideas mainly in the cabin. I have mounted an aux panel in the engine bay in my Tacoma and old Fj62, so that is a fall back plan.

Other options I have seen:
I have my 24V-12V converter in the engine bay, between battery tray and fender. The main aux fuse panel for any accessory in the front (e.g. converter, foglight and anything in the dash) sits next to the battery, in order to keep the unfused line as short as possible. I regard that super important.
I have a 2nd aux fuse panel and distribution point (serial the main one), in the lower compartment of the cubby box, under the tray. I observed myself never using that space.
If I ever happen to afford a dual battery setup, the DC-DC charger may also go there, as the 2nd (äh 3rd) battery is likely to go behind the seat on the floor.
I don't have a rear heater, so I replaced that cover panel with a custom made cover that holds a socket, a USB twin port, a Voltmeter and some switches for aux sockets I have in my right back panel near the back door.
I'm fine with the aux fusebox location, but the socket & switch panel is not optimal, as it faces backward and gets in conflict with stuff that I tend to throw behind the seats.
Mine is RHD. 12V Fuse box is on left side.
fuse box

If your 24V fuse box has an empty row, you could install contacts and power them with your 12V converter.
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