Assistance in finding a parts vendor for some snow tracks

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Feb 13, 2007
Alaska & Montana
As title sates I’m looking for anyone assistance in finding parts snow track system. The only markings I can find on the tracks are LEVE. System seems pretty stout. It’s on older set of tracks and the rubber tracks themselves are coming apart. So I’m looking for new rubber for them. Have other spare parts but no spare tracks.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks
From all I could see they are Chinese. A friend bought the rig a while ago. It’s used to go to their cabin in the crazies. I’m just trying to fix it for them. So if you wouldn’t mind asking around that would be greatly appreciated. I have used Mattracks for years. These are the first of these I have seen. They actually don’t seem terrible. But I couldn’t find any tracks for them which is definitely a problem. I’ve patched many tracks on various equipment over the years. The rubber on these is just done. I know they are at least 7 years old but most likely older than that.
I see a fair bit of adjustment available on the tensioner. Is the lug profile on the inside similar enough to anything standard that you can buy something close to the right length and just adjust to fit? I really don't know very much about these things.
Montana Fab does them.

‭(406) 459-4847‬

I used to have the coordinates for them, but have since lost them. Sorry about that. They do good work and make sure you are happy.
found a vendor on alibaba reached out to them to see if they can sell just the treads.

More details later. But I’ve been waiting on these for a while. They are in bzn this am. Should be delivered to me today. The driver guaranteed.
I saw that trailer out in front of my office on Griffin just a few minutes ago.

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