anyone done a 6 litter vortec swap into a first gen yet

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Apr 25, 2005
what trans did you run. did you run the 4l80e. or go old school turbo 350 400 or 700r4?. how was the drive shaft angles
the candidates

That’s a big motor for a little engine bay. Putting the 5VZ in it requires either a body lift or a hole/scoop on the hood. How tall is the 6L compared to the 22R or 3.slo?

Tranny? 700r4. Great low first gear and overdrive for highway use. Ran one on my 4BT 80 series with a Yota split case, was nice. th350/400 ain’t a bad option either:meh:

What transfer case are you planning on using?
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I doubt that you can get enough radiator in front of that engine. The smallest radiator used in front of that engine family is likely to be bigger than the biggest radiator ever fitted to that engine bay. Anything smaller than the smallest OEM radiator used is asking for trouble.

EDIT: the biggest displacement engine used in that truck was a 3.0L with a radiator to match. Putting a 6.0L in it doesn't double the size requirement for the radiator, but it comes close.
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That engine swap is overkill for that little truck.
what radiator does people use when they swap smallblock into first gen toyotas? and yeah i no itd alot of motor . i can probaly get a custom radiator made localy. if i could find somthing with fatter brass tanks to hold more cores. couldnt they just put shorter cores inplace of full lenth ones from somthing bigger?.. i got no problem haveing the hood cut. to make a raise cowl hood . to look somthing like on on a old camaro for the top of the motor. but then again it would look badass with the vortec cover stcking threw the hood
That engine swap is overkill for that little truck.

other then internal size difrence . outside no bigger then a 4.8 or a 5.3 or a 5.7
That’s a heavy motor also, around 500# dry IIRC as opposed to the maybe 160# of the 22RE.

Good time to go SAS and get some heavy springs to level that beast out.
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it would get the 14 bolt cut down out the silverado. and a dana 44 . or a cut down landcruiser front dif. dana 44 would give me the option of going 8 lug to match the rear without haveing stuff redrilled for 6 lug. dont do much rock crawling no more. mostly trail rides exc. but to get to trails. its a 3 to 5 hour ride 1 way. more power on the mountains be real nice pluss dogging mustangs and camaros at the redlight sounds like hella fun
also i cam get the swap done for free. only thing it will cost is some matiral for metal to make custom motor mounts trans mount . new crossmember. and driveshafts. all the custom welding modding cutting to get the motor in the truck. i got good friends with great skills. im more worried with the trans tcase to run. stick with 4l80 e and my maunaL SHIFT tcase out the silverado. or do the 700r4 and maybe a dana 300 case. i figure a 203 or 205 case is two widfe for the frame
22re supose to wheigh in neighborhood of 350ish. vortec motor around 550 ish
22re supose to wheigh in neighborhood of 350ish. vortec motor around 550 ish

Those weights are more accurate. Definitely not the 160 mentioned earlier. There have been lots of LS swaps into these trucks. It's a tight fit and requires a custom radiator, but it can be done. A car intake will be necessary if you don't want a body lift and hood modifications. Manifolds are tight at the frame. Radiator support will have to be cut and custom radiator fit. Sure it's heavier but not by anything that would prevent the swap. Most folks run the 4l/6l transmissions that come factory with the motor.
Here ya go, just follow this guy's videos, you'll be fine.

He seems to know what he's doing. :confused::hillbilly:
not al the way done the vid. but i see stuff on the motor mounts trans mount he could have done way difrent like make a flat or inverted crossmember for the trans and gain all that ground clearnce from raiseing the motor up u see it around the 33 min mark give or take a could mins
the guy in videio made alot of extra worki for him self . one by useing stock toyota 5 speed. second. some craxy motor mounts and trans mount because he doesnt want his truck lifted. didnt use a shorter oil pan. the dumbass didnt have a donar vehice. he relied on somone else to pull all the right part he realy made it more dificult then it needed to be. in my opinion
I hope you know I wasn't serious. This guy is the the poster child for how NOT to do stuff, he's a total hack. Check out the turbo Accord project he did, it's.... interesting. Great entertainment though!
One of my favorite channels on the youtube. His spartan locker install and turbo 3VZE videos were also comedic gold. Dude builds the best exhaust manifolds too.:rofl:

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