Any tips, advice etc for HJ61 lift kit install?

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May 3, 2017
Margaret River, Australia
Hi all, the title pretty much sums it up.

I'm going to do the lift kit install on my car my self and just wanted any advice, tips, warnings or things I should know before I start.

The kit gives 50mm lift and includes the springs, shocks, bushes and U bolts. I've decided against getting shackles to try and save some money.

First time doing anything like this so all advice is appreciated!

Saving a couple bucks on shackles and pin hangers could cost you hours of torches, pull pals, broken knuckles and curse words.

That being said I have lifted a number of 60 series and two of those were rusty and crusty. I spent an entire week spraying down with PB blaster every nut and bolt I thought I'd need to take off. This helped a ton. Also a ratchet strap or come along helps centering the axle on the springs.

If possible bribe local neighbors or club members with Beer and Pizza. This will usually speed things along.
Generally, 1 wheel at a time helps keep things from getting wild under there, but sometimes you have to remove other components to get enough flex or clearance to connect the side you're working on. It's a 'you'll figure it out as you go' kind of thing. Just block up the truck very safely and don't let it fall on you. Also, if you remove both sides, the driveshaft and brake lines might be the only thing keeping your axle in place, so keep a close eye on the axle, lest it wants to wander off or roll over.
I used an engine hoist to lift the entire front or rear. I worked one axle at a time and left the tires on since I was by myself and without "Proper" safety equipment. This worked for me as I have a compressor and air tools. Nothing fancy just helped with stubborn bolts.

I've also done one on a friends 2 post lift and working at eye level was a dream. I wish you were closer I'd come hang out and help!

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