Amsoil Dual Remote By-Pass Oil Filteration System

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Oct 12, 2003
Middleburg, Florida
I installed this system on my Crusier and it works great. I will be sending the installation procedure I used (with pics) to Man-e-fre and Amsoil in the next few days. I don't know of anyone else that has this system on a 80 series Cruiser.
I'm certainly interested in your results, I'm intrigued by the whole bypass filtration concept for my boat diesel engines as well as my cars...

There is another poster that is using a TP filter on the board, he has been happy with the results. Personally, I still don't trust them, and have yet to see any type of controlled testing with them. If you are attempting to go with extended oil changes (more than 7500-10000 miles) I would highly recommend that you do some used oil anaylisis to ensure that you are not exceeding the life of the oil. Hint, Amsoil is not good for 30,000 miles, in fact, no oil appears to be in gas powered vehicles.

hey jar head 8) ex squid here. glad your doing the bypass thing, i too am doing it but like Cary has said i use the TP kind and am really happy with the set up i have. i thought about the amsoil setup but it was kinda pricey at this time so i went to ebay and won some frantz filters and purchased a gulf coast filter 01jr from a guy over at bobistheoilguy forums, Ralph wood.

the amsoil oil wouldve been a cleaner setup (filter changing that is) search for my post on this type filter and my pics should be in the thread. did you by chance install a pressure gauge in there somewhere? would like to know other board members pressure as mine are kinda hight (i think so)
Squids are of kids...... just joking.. I' ve only had the Amsoil by-pass system installed for about a week. So, all I can say right now is, "I don't have any leaks". My reason for installing it was in hopes of extending the service life of the engine. If I get the gonads to go with the extended oil change interval, I will definitely use the oil anaylisis program.
is one of the filters a depth bypass ? the reason i did the bypass thing was to save on oil, but as a byproduct i guess i'm prolonging the engine as well, but you must watch out, there is a big bad wulf on the board that is commited to the snake oil theory ;) (just a little jab :D) i think you'll find a lot of info over at the bobistheoilguy web site matter of fact i just started an argument(discussion ::)) over there about spin on filters and why so much talk about them. just trying to live up to the user name :D
Hey, I think I'm pretty impartial. I'm not sold on the TP filters. Do I think they hurt anything, no. Am I sold on them extending engine life, no. I really wish that somebody would do some good testing, i.e. run the engine for intervals without and then with the filter, same oils, same conditions, etc.


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