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Dec 4, 2004
So the indicator switch on my transfer case is bad and I tested by disconnecting the plug and jumpering the terminals in the wiring harness. Easiest option is to purchase a new indicator switch but I had a Carling rotary switch lying around and gave me an idea. Why not wire in this rotary switch to allow manual control of the CDL? Knowing that these parts are needed to repair the wiring to the CDL

9098011250 Connector x1
8299812440 Terminals (wires) x2

I dug into the Wiring Harness Repair Manual (RM 022E) in search of a plug that corresponded to the plug type on the CDL indicator switch. One that would mate with 9098011250. What I found was 90980-11249 and ran that by @Onur for parts specialist confirmation. In scouring the sources for availability only Amayama listed it as available. Part was cheap, shipping was not, but I placed the order anyway and included two 82998-12430 wires.

Waited a week or so for notification from Amayama that the order was accepted. Yes. Then a few days later that payment was to be submitted. Done.

Then came the email that 90980-11249 is NLA. So dead end on this minor CDL mod. Back to simply purchasing a indicator switch.


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Aug 18, 2003
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If you're referring to the indicator switch on the front side of the transfer, that does not "control" the cdl just the dash light, ABS and allows the factory front and rear lockers to activate. The CDL is already locked.

To manually control the CDL all you need to do is add the CDL dash switch or equivalent repurposed 4-way flasher switch and do the "Pin 7" mod.

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