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Believe it or not, my 87' FJ60 is the first of my 3 Cruisers to have the original 2F in it. I love the motor and the fact that it is still running strong at 203,000 miles.

I have a question about the air injection rail and related parts. The PO removed the cat, but it doesnt look like any more of the emissions stuff has been removed. At the air injection rail, there is a check valve at the top front of the valve cover. It appears that there should be some sort of hose/pipe connected to it, but there is not. The end at the check valve is black and sooty, like exhast is coming out of it, and it sounds like a exhaust leak.

From the pics in SORs catalog, it appears there should be a hose/pipe on it leading somewhere.

Since the cat is disconnected, should I bother doing anything other than removing it? Can I remove it or cap it off? Im not really concerned one way or another about desmogging it, but if it will run better than it does in its current condition, I'm all for it.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for the help, Hodag
Mar 5, 2005
San Diego858, California
Well mine still has 100% smog stuff(it has to) and the hose from that check valve goes to a diverter valve of some sort on the fender.
It's supposed to be a one-way check valve but through age and with normal exhaust pulses it'll make that sound.
If you're not using the smog pump and all it's stuff I'd cap it off. It might run better or it might not but at least it won't make that annoying sound.

Jul 20, 2003
The check valve is connected to the smog pump input hose - I'm assuming the pump is missing or otherwise disconnected?

If emissions testing is not a concern you can remove the injection rail and cap the ports with brass 1/4 inch NPT caps from any hardware store.

I would do a complete de-smog if you go that route.


Jun 3, 2004
Northern Colorado

This connects to your air pump.

Is that still there? These can fail, esp if the PS pump has been leaking on it. Maybe this is why the PO pulled the cat.

Do you have an emissions manual for your ride? Before going any further, I would get one!

Search for Hammers thread on PS pump issues - Swank goes into detail about the air pump and the check valve...

Good luck man!
Feb 14, 2005
Hodag, Not really addressing your desmog questions but my check valve failed and the hot exhaust gas burnt a hole in the hose that leads from it. It really did sound like and exhaust leak. New valve and new hose and it sounds normal again. For me the funny thing was that the truck passed smog with a bad check valve and a big hole in the hose.
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