After some driveline information on my ln106

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Aug 25, 2020
Gday all I’m new here and have some questions about the compatibility of exchanging the transfer case on an ln106 to a ln65. Reason being the one in the ln106 is cactus and I have an ln65 sitting out the backyard i can pull one out of. Thanks in advance.
First off, welcome to our little slice of MUD.

As far as your question, most of the folks in this mini-truck forum are yankees, and we are not as familiar with the diesel rigs you folks get in OZ. Hopefully somebody here can help. You might try your question in the diesel forum as they seem to get more international members over there. While the diesel forum is mostly on the engines, they should be able to help you with drivetrain questions too.
Edit* just checked and I see the 65 came with a 2LT or 2L, so we’ll need to know more. Post up some pictures of both cases if you can. The 2LT very well may have had an r151 behind it.

You should have a g52 with a forward shift gear drive tcase on your 106. Since the LN65 is an older gen you’ll want to check if the case is top shift or forward shift. Marlin crawler has some good info:

Make sure both cases are gear drive (they should be) and then look for the block off plate that will indicate a forward shift case. Check the vin plate on the ln65 and make sure it has a G series trans, but I guess those might have had an L series - pretty sure the case should bolt up either way.

Keep in mind the NA diesels typically share drivetrains with the 4 cylinder gasser (non turbo) trucks, while the turbo diesels will have more in common with the v6 and 22rte trucks.
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