AC dripping condensation

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Oct 28, 2016
2003 LX. I keep my AC turned off all of the time unless needed to save fuel economy. However, I notice the condensation dripping on the ground. Is the condensation dripping something I should expect even in the AC compressor is not turned on?
No, that is odd. Unless your evaporator core is cooling moist air to the point of condensation. There should be a rubber grommet on the firewall near the passenger side of the engine compartment. You might try cleaning it out with a pipe cleaner or a piece of tubing, so that any obstructions are removed.

If you have more time, I'd recommend removing the glove-box, removing the 8 screws (I think it's 8) on the evaporator core cover, and vacuuming the inside out to clear any leaves or debris therein. Afterwards, you should re-seal the small gasket on the evaporator core cover before re-installing.

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