1. H

    Grease / White Lithium for Suspension

    Hey all, sorry on mobile and having trouble navigating, but I’m wondering what’s the recommended procedure to grease/lubricate suspension and drivetrain components? I have silicone lube spray and white lithium spray and was thinking of loosening the ubolts and other metal on metal suspension...
  2. Westbend5858

    For Sale  Koni Shocks

    Vintage Koni Adjustable Shocks New in the box still, never mounted. Model 8241-1022. Approximately 27" long. Asking $200 for all 4.
  3. E

    Disconnected part found while swapping shocks. Help me identify it?

    Hey there, As my title says, I was swapping/upgrading my front shocks when I found what looks like some sort of disconnected tubing. Just looking to identify what exactly it is and if I need to fix it. I'll attach photos of how I found it and a slightly clearer view. Cheers, Logan
  4. Al75

    What diameter shock absorbers better for KZJ78 - 2.0" or 2.5" ?

    Hi everyone, I would like to talk about shock absorbers diameter, not suspension lift value. Are there somebody who has an experience with mid-high range monotube shock absorbers on KZJ78 like King, Fox, Radflo, SAW, Bilstein and so on? It is pretty hard to get good suspension play for...
  5. F

    For Sale  NEW*ARB Old Man EMU Front +Rear Shock Absorbers +Coil Springs Set For Toyota 4Runner

    I purchased these for my Toyota Prado in Costa Rica. When I tried to take them, Southwest Airlines would not allow them to be shipped. By the time I tried to return them to the Ebay seller, it was past the 90 day window so now I'm stuck with them. My loss could be your gain. I paid $889.27...
  6. CruiseLanderAZ

    Bilstein B8 5125 rear fitment

    Anybody know if these will fit a 100 with 1-2" lift? The lengths seem in line with other offerings. Bilstein website says 5/8" hourglass eye bushing (not sure if that's what we have) and top stem mount. Seeing a few lengths in 2 valving rates... the ones below caught my eye. P/N 33-230337...
  7. D

    Gx470 rear shocks (4Runner)

    Just some info for anyone needing to replace their rear shocks on their Lexus gx470: The Monroe 37270 OE replacement 4Runner shocks bolt right up and are about $60 for the pair. This is a great alternative to spending the hundreds of dollars for the electric shocks.
  8. rtomac

    GX470 replace shocks, keep airbags?

    On my '07 GX470 with 105k miles, I am replacing failing OEM shocks with Bilstein 5100's. The shop that's doing it for me is telling me I have to replace the airbags with springs at the same time. Is that true? Is there some reasonable argument why it's better to convert the whole system all at...
  9. N

    For Sale  ORI STX struts

    Selling a full set of ORI STX struts. 2-14" and 2-16". The 14" struts have been used for a season on my 2002 Tacoma but are in perfect working condition. No shaft scratches or dings. Very minor scratches on the bodies. The 16" struts are brand new. They were simply used to mock up a suspension...
  10. ahiskydiver8

    For Sale  Denver: Old Man EMU shocks fj40 sold

    New shocks that were mounted but never driven or used. They were on the vehicle x 1 week just to get measurements (reasoning this happened is the importer for the vehicle needed shocks on the vehicle to get measurement for the radflo shocks, I am not sure why but I plan to make a post about...
  11. JPTX

    SOLD  100 Series Shocks (front and rear)

    Shocks by Strutmasters for stock height 100 series. They ride very similarly to OEM shocks. They have 30k miles on them, and they still ride very nicely. If you need to replace your shocks but don't want to spend a lot/upgrade, this is a great deal. Includes all hardware/bushings. Located in...
  12. pmccraney

    For Sale  [***SOLD***] 100 Series - OME shocks and rear springs {Jackson, MS USA}

    For sale are: 1) OME Nitrocharger Sport Shocks - 2 front/2 rear; and 2) OME 2860 (aka 860) Rear Coil Springs. $400.00 for the bundle. Would prefer to sell together. This basically gives you everything you need to lift a 100 (at a pretty low cost), except for the torsion bars...
  13. Guloffroad

    Rancho RS9000 +4" for Toyota LC J8

    Hello, thank you for your excellence forum. I´m writing from Europe, Spain. We're looking for Rancho RS9000XL +4" for Toyota LC HDJ80 4.2D. In the catalogue of Rancho, we cannot find this shocks, and I want to know if anybody in this forum has mount RS9000 +4". Do you have the correct...
  14. toyogi

    Shocks and Springs

    Current set up - OME J-Springs & L-Shocks, Slee bumper / Winch, Dual battery, Cooper 35s, 4X4 Labs rear. Looking at spring and shock options. Considering Slee shocks with medium 4" springs. Also looking at a few other options but Slee option seems pretty cost-efficient relative to other...
  15. hamishpotter

    King / OME / coil spacer vibes issues

    Pardon everyone for posting this on the Compiled Suspension spec thread earlier. I recently picked up a set of King 2.5 resi adjustable shocks for 0-2" lift for my 80 as well as 2.5" caster plates from Wits' End and new OEM bushings for the control arms. I'm on OME medium springs (~ 2.5" lift)...
  16. 100landcruiser

    suspenion and lift

    i have a 2003 100, what are the best offroad shocks that dont break the bank? anyone know where to get a leveling kit?
  17. Navyator

    Any concerns with lifting a 91 JDM?

    Hey all, I'm looking at getting a lift at some point for the cruiser. Nothing crazy, just a normal lift to get a bit more clearance, replace old springs/shocks, and hopefully improve ride quality a bit. I've found plenty of threads to read about all the various options out there, but i feel...
  18. Mark7640

    Why would a PO do this? And should I fix it?

    1976 FJ40 with about a 4 inch lift (guessing, not sure how you tell). PO added this modification to the rear shock mounts at the top of the shock. Why would you do this? Should I attempt to cut it off and salvage the post and run a die over the threads? Do they make a shock that could accomodate...
  19. CruiseLanderAZ

    For Sale  ** SOLD ** 100 Series - Bilstein HD 4600 shocks - Phoenix AZ

    Selling a set of Bilstein HD 4600 for 100 Series. Shocks work great, just went a different route after lifting. These are great alternative to OEM that provide a more planted ride. Installed these new in February 2017 and have since put on about 12k miles. All necessary hardware included...
  20. ToyotaIsLife

    ICON vs KING (My Experience)

    Disclaimer: My intention is to share my experience, and what worked best for my application and use. I am and will never claim to hate on a specific shock brand, and say one is better then the other overall and instead provide details of how they all performed in my testing and where they excel...
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